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October 19th. Plans had to change, so I didn't end up watching what is possibly my favorite horror movie, so I substituted it with another one from the director. It's on YouTube, and even has Kiyoshi Kurosawa in it! Low budget found footage fun.


October 18th. You will not be saved by the holy ghost. You will not be saved by the god Plutonium. In fact, YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED!


October 17th. I think the last time I saw this about six years ago. I've always liked it, but it's one I enjoy more and more as time goes on.


Between all of these horror movies, moving, and trying to find a new job, I've had no time to sit and progress in Lost Judgment. It's been pushing me back to handhelds for now, so I'm finally playing Metroid Fusion, after all the Metroid hype. I'm happy!


October 16th. We diggin' deep (not so deep).


October 15th. Annihilation is the best cosmic horror movie out there. Also: this in 4k HDR, on a nice OLED TV? May be the most gorgeous movie I've ever seen.


October 14th. Another classic for tonight. Man, still just such a creepy film. I've actually never seen the American remake, though. How do people feel they compare?


October 13th. I fell asleep immediately and didn't post, but I had my dad over for movie night, and he's very much not a horror fan. Of course, that just meant the perfect excuse to revisit this.


October 12th. Nothing too long or intense because it's NHL opening night, and watching a movie every day eats up a lot of time.


October 11th. I don't really have anything to say about this. It's just good.


October 10th. My favorite viewing experience - being the only one in the group who knows what to expect.


Dinner tonight. Arguably better than the roll was the sushi chef coming over and demanding that I down my sake so he could pour me a shot of "homemade whiskey, not for sale, friends only".


October 9th. I'm late to this one, but this is some stupid, messy, fucking bizarre nonsense and you're damn right I thoroughly enjoyed it.


October 8th. Okay so I'm not playing Dread but I did just get home in time to barely keep my movie streak going. Busy night calls for something comfy to wind down with.


October 7th. My review of this movie is oh fuck.


October 6th. Happy birthday, Mike!


October 5th. The thing about this movie is that it makes me happy.


October 4th. I really oughta read the book one of these days.


October 3rd. Boy howdy do I love me a good Carpenter.


The past few years I've watched 31 horror movies in October - had to start late tonight due to a late D&D session, so I had to kick it off with something light, fun, and short. Happy October!


I have been influenced by You All


Girlfriend and I have been moving into our first place together since last Wednesday and I finally got my PC and new desk set up earlier today and I'm really feeling this set-up.


Resuming my GoT playthrough now that I have a PS5 and you know, despite my character/story criticisms, it remains a joy to actually play and watch. Any recommendations on when to do the new island? I'm working through Act II now, not sure when to start.


Happy Friday - it's sushi time


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