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I just finished up Kiwami 2 on Sunday and was thinking about how badly I wanted to play Yakuza 3 and how much it sucked that my PS3 was dead and now...


I come bearing new experimental/industrial sounds in this, the most miserable of all seasons #melodramatictoid


Fuck, everyone was right about Three Houses. Everybody DOES get super hot after the timeskip. How do you get the secret orgy ending?


Does anyone struggle with social media when new games come out? I feel like I have to ditch it while playing Fire Emblem because there's just no way I can be caught up to where other people are who are talking about it and it makes me anxious.


as u did 4 teh vacuous rom


good morning dtoid today i learned what scallops look like


One of my favorite recent artists released a new album this month and it's totally killer. An experimental opera of noise. She wild. #musictoid


Going directly from Kiwami to Kiwami 2 is some intense whiplash. (why is every gif ever made too Big and Powerful for qtoid)


Sunday is arguably the worst day for a power outage.


Cheers, dtoid, it's the weekend


In my restless dreams . . .


So I got a LITTLE impulsive thinking about PC gaming today. It's one way to get over a lack of PS4 trophies.


Sometimes I hesitate buying a game on PC because I'm thinking about how I might want to collect the trophies for it on PS4. Which is silly, because I've literally platinumed one game. And yet it takes all of my power to fight through.


This keeps showing up in my recommended stories on Google and I'm. So. Tired. Of it. #GAMERS


My fairly not-nerdy girlfriend, who doesn't do any gaming and hadn't seen or heard of a Studio Ghibli movie before we met, sent me this text so she's basically proposing right?


E3 news is making me think of this wack magazine cover I saw at work


I love a good Mondo release. And an improperly oriented image


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