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Lotsa thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday. I get to forgetful to respond to each one, but every single one made me smile so I wanted to acknowledge that - y'all are just such a kind and lovely community.


Goddamn, I don't think there's a better birthday gift than getting to see all your beautiful faces #selfietoid


Also related to game music: I'm playing The Old Hunters for the first time, as I haven't played the full game since my first playthrough, before the DLC. This track blows my mind, it might be my favorite from the entire series.


Every Persona 5 battle theme is such a fuckin banger, goddamn


The perfect girl doesn't exi-


Man I KNOW I beat Xenoblade 2, but I swear I can't remember a single thing about it beyond BOOBA


It's funny, this is my first FULL second playthrough of Bloodborne (I usually only a bit when I start a new run) but I'm just realizing how much of a comfort game this is. Perfectly fits the mindless-fun category now.


My friend just recently picked Bloodborne up again after a few years and beat Gascoigne for the first time and is totally hooked, and his hype got me sucked into playing it too. He's Control and Nioh 2 can wait - Arcane run BAYBEE.


Okay I cheated and I turned it down to easy but I defeated FF7R. Got really grumpy at that boss in Chapter 18 that sends you back to the start of the zone if you die and just wanted to finish it - gonna do it again later on a Big Boy difficulty.


Trying to wrap up FF7R today and fucking hell, I really hope they refine the combat in the follow-ups. I really like the interpretations of the characters and the world, but I genuinely don't like this combat system. Fucking Sledgeworms.


Man this Netflix Redwall news has me getting real nostalgic. My longtime Runescape account was Swartt 6claw after the antagonist in one of the books. Good times.


Hot damn do I love this character creator. Strong Lady Abs 10/10 would recommend


Holy hell I completely forgot I started 2020 off with Judgment. That feels like years ago.


my favorite experimental metal band put out a new album last week, and it's probably the grimiest, bleakest, and most oppressively distorted sound they've come up. It's a barely-decipherable nightmare and I love it. #arbitrarymetaltuesday


My goal this year was to focus on playing and finishing one big/story game at a time, so I could actually clear some I'd started and really enjoy the experiences - ON THE OTHER HAND


I finally completed my first escape a couple of nights ago! Just awesome how much the game empowers you once each area and enemy starts to click and make sense. Here's hoping I can actually manage more.


Last night I officially wrapped up Deadwood after watching the movie and, man, I don't think I've ever been quite so sad to have finished a series before. Can only imagine what it was like for fans when it was cancelled. I'm gonna miss it.


Finally joining the "Finished A Game in 2021" after beating HZD! Just the main story, gonna hit the DLC later on. Really great time, and it actually served to teach me about how I think I need to approach big games now.


Been waiting for this to rerelease for a year and a half. What a treat, just love the creativity. Cheers, droid.


Now, beyond me complaining about the open world, god DAMN is this game cool as hell.


New phone, new Persona 5 layout (in progress). Will there ever be a day I don't just default to this?


Yesterday was horrifying but this got big chuckles out of me. Does anyone else kill the Legion in Nelson every time they play New Vegas?


Think Horizon: Zero Dawn is finally making me realize I don't like open world games much. I really like the story but I just have no interest in doing anything that isn't essential to it. I think I just don't the patience for them anymore. Burnt out.


Almost got my first clear in Hades today! Decided to double dip on PC - the 720p docked on Switch was bugging me. First run with the spear and Artemis focus and it really clicked - about 1/3 life left in the boss. Suddenly everything feels super doable.


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