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I FINALLY watched Whiplash. Holy shit, that is an incredible film.


Birthday boys! Occams! Jasondm! Have a good old one!


qtoid I got pretty drunk pretty fast


I took next Monday off for a concert we never ended getting tickets for, so now I'm 8 hours from a three day weekend. Just gotta survive, dammit.


Just to say again: I appreciate all of your kind words in my last post, and my heart goes out to all of you who have had to say goodbye to a beloved pet recently too. I love you all so much.


We had to put our sweet boy down this morning. Take a second to hold your pets close, everyone. Time flies.


Just played through Scenes From A Marriage in Hearts of Stone, and I think that might be one of my favorite quests from any game. I'm just blown away, here.


Isle of Dogs is finally hitting local theaters, think I'll see it today. Anybody have fun weekend plans?


It's time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which also means it's time for the Switch to really shine. Bummer about the Blackhawks. BUT HOCKEEEEYYYY.


Reminder to take time to love and appreciate yourself. Every success, no matter how small, is worthy of celebration. Bad days and weeks and months will come, but you will get through them. You're worth it. Much love, dtoid.


The fact that a packed theater right after release was just about dead silent for almost the entire film is a testament to how well A Quiet Place creates tension. Great movie. Not crazy about the ending, but great nonetheless.


Bought some wireless Sennheiser earphones for cafe/work/walking and breaking them in. I have a mad crush on Grimes.


The worst part about having pretty terrible self-esteem is when you finally work up the confidence to ask someone out for the first time in three years and it doesn't work and you think "well, another three more years I guess."


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADMIRAL. I don't have a fancy gif or picture for you, but you're a bright and radical soul and I appreciate you very much.


So, Isao Takahata passed away. So many timeless movies between him and Miyazaki.


Tax filing is a much more tolerable task when set to the Persona 5 OST (yeah I know it's already April shut up).


I haven't been doing much gaming at all lately, but I picked up Golf Story again to finish it off (I was 9ish hours in). That game is so great, goddammit. Such a charming and funny little ride.


Playing A Video Game for the first time in weeks, getting some bonding time in with this daddy


Turned on my TV and Birdman was still in my Blu-ray player from when I watched it on Sunday so I just decided to watch Birdman again. I fuckin love Birdman.


One glass of whiskey turned into three and now I'm halfway through Ex Machina


Meds be damned, I got a hankerin' for a glass of Irish whiskey and a lonely night with Llewyn Davis. Be safe if you're going out, folks, and don't get behind the wheel at all if you're drinking. It isn't close to worth the risks. Love you all.


Morning dtoid. Replacing late night weekend drinking with early visits to a local cafe. It's been a nice change. #breakfasttoid


Seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor on Sunday, and thinking about the first time I heard them in 28 Days Later. Might be time for a rewatch.


Home from work, house to myself for a few days, pizza on the way. I think there's only one proper way for me to end the day. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.


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