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Listen, I know Octopath Traveler isn't reinventing the wheel or anything, but I just started getting secondary jobs and I'm having a blast. It just feels good to be playing a fun, pretty, old-schoolesque JRPG.


Anyone have recommendations for some solid earbuds/headphones? Primarily for being out of the house: walking, using the Switch in portable mode, etc. I have nice Sennheiser headphones, but they're a bit cumbersome and really just for home use.


I'm having the hardest time deciding who to use in Octopath. I like all the characters too much and I like all the roles too much and I don't want to not use anyone.


It's okay, I SURVIVED THE NIGHT. And speaking of "the night" ... Got some cool shit today


Good news: watched Out Of The Past with my dad, had a great time, love film noir. Bad news: think I got some mild food poisoning, wish I was dead, oh this is the worst


Also: I have once again Fed the Beast




Also, the internet's down so I've been enjoying my latest Criterion haul. Going back for another purchase tomorrow.


I wasn't gonna get the Wayfarer's Edition for Octopath Traveler but I'm so damn excited for the game and it just went back in stock on Amazon so fuck it I ordered the Wayfarer's Edition


Have to recommend that nay fans of experimental music check out LINGUA IGNOTA. Incredible classically trained vocalist who I was lucky to see live over the weekend. I was one of the best performances I've ever experienced. Bandcamp link in comments.


Friend told me a couple weeks ago he wanted to set me up with a co-worker, got her checking out my Twitter page, then told me yesterday she's down for a double date AND I'M STILL TOO NERVOUS TO MESSAGE HER AND SAY HI. WHY AM I LIKE THIS.


Finally changing up my wall decor. I've had these just sitting around for way too long.


Successfully made plans with a friend and weebed out at Barnes and Noble. Picked this up on a whim, I'm pretty into it so far. I missed getting excited about manga with people.


Man, Vinnie Paul fucking died. Pantera will always be one of my favorite bands, and he was a pretty big inspiration to me as a drummer.


Was super excited to go out with a friend tonight, but she cancelled on me yesterday. Now I'm just super bummed. I'll probably still end up going out. Alone. Like usually. It isn't super fun having, like, two friends.


I've been bored as hell lately and decided to do some cleaning in the old home theater. Probably should have taken a before shot but... Trust me, it got nicer. Gotta get some more media shelves.


Struggling through a rough depressive episode, but I picked up Night In The Woods on Switch a few days ago and it's been helping some. This game is so precious.


I'm so starved for physical affection that the most exciting and intimate contact I've had in years was my friend constantly wanting to hold my hand last night while she and I were out drinking. I am Too Pure.


Return of Lucina is absolutely all that matters to me.


So Hereditary was, uh, great


Decided to catch First Reformed. This is how I like my theaters.


Oh no qtoid I have to work for the government tomorrow but I'm DRUNK and watching UNDER THE SKIN


You know, I kind of hate wearing video game merch, but I have this really nice Hircine's Ring replica and I just love the aesthetic in general so I can't stop wearing it.


New jacket and new back patch both came in today. Hopefully getting is sewn on this weekend and becoming edgy beyond recognition.


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