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So last night I FINALLY started Twin Peaks. Watched the pilot and the first two episodes and oh BOY is this the bullshit I need in my life.


I'm early on (13 hours) in DQXI (Switch release) and, fuck, I'm just so tired of the music. I actively don't want to even boot it up times, the music is just wearing me down so much.


This feels late since y'all were on the #ArbitraryMetalTuesday so early (from my timezone) this morning, but felt like digging into my favorite Metallica album.


Man, I started having some serious stick drift on my Xbox One controller, which I use for my PC. Bummer, Sekiro and a few other games gotta be put on hold for now. Good news? An excuse to pick up that sweet phantom magenta controller.


Just finished watching 13 Assassins for the first time. Oh boy, what a ride. And took me too long to realize the lead actor was also the detective in Cure! Which you should check out if you haven't!


So I'm feeling irresponsible and thinking of picking the Xenoblade rerelease. How has the performance been? Anyone giving it a solid run in handheld? Compared to XC2?


Small Sekiro final (?) boss first experience thoughts. Dunno if Sekiro spoilers are sensitive, so in comments just in case.


I keep thinking I'm right at the end of Sekiro and that it's just gonna hand me a boss fight when it tells me to walk just a LITTLE farther. I both like and do not like this because I am both ready to finish the game and maybe not quite ready.


Man, no one told me the Beastars OP was such a banger


Motivating myself to start a new job search (great fucking timing, huh?) and boy-howdy did I forget how much I hate resume writing and reference gathering. At least I have more interesting work experience than "retail" this time.


My entire musical A E S T H E T I C used to be #depressingbutbeautiful and now it's A Horror Movie But For Your Ears, but I still have a stockpile of the latter. This one is just from Inside Llewyn Davis though.


Middle school me is so excited right now


Playing Yakuza 5 for the first time. Did not to expect to go directly from big man fighting wild bears to young girl winning dance competitions. I love this goddamn series.


here's the best song on the yakuza 0 (a serious crime drama) soundtrack


Hey guys, here's some cool Japanese jazz!


!! ANIME SHIT !! I'm finally catching up on Attack on Titan and you know, it felt really good to finally have a character respond to a call for compassion towards an enemy in a tense and dangerous situation just straight up "I can't care right now".


Samurai Hype: Intensifying


Just a quick thought - haven't beaten the game yet but, despite my Ape Angst, Sekiro is up there with Bloodborne as my favorite FromSoft game. So absolutely fantastic.


Is there any class or gameplay style in a game that's almost essential to you? If a game let's me be a necromancer then I HAVE to be one. I have no chance. I have no fucking clue why, but I've been obsessed with necromancer characters since I was a kid.


You remember when you're having fun with Sekiro and then the Guardian Ape happens?


My Sekiro experience has basically been having a blast against human enemies and bosses, then getting to a beast-type boss that throws everything you learn out the window, and putting the the game down for weeks out of frustration. Big whiplash.


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