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Tetris 3D

Absolutely my favourite game on an emulator! I never had the Virtual Boy but I have had the distinguished pleasure of downloading and playing this stereoscopic spin on the classic arcade game and is it just fun or what? You get to spin...


@CyborgAlien I'm screwing around on Open Emu's ROM of NFL Blitz. A classic game my butthead of a brother took our controls over and never did give back. Still love that dude though. Just wish we could play it on the N64 once more. Keyboards are difficult.


Retrospective of DOOM (1993)

Released in time for the holiday season of 1993, Doom began as a revolutionary introduction to first person shooters with loads of personality from parent developer, iD software, that would ignite a new generation of gamers. Along wit...


How DKC3 Brought My Cousin and I Together

Life has been especially stressful for me lately. I'm currently on the job search while between occupations, suffering from mouth herpes after a Tinder date and anxious about spending $85 dollars of money I barely have on parking at t...


This song brings me back to my gamer daze. Haha RADICAL! XD


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