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Lucky Star OVA! Watch it! (NVGR, moe related)

The Lucky Star OVA, a whole bunch of higher quality animated scenes, some based in reality, some in fantasy. Let me just say I wish the vignettes were more like this in the show. (ala Azumanga Daioh) Subs came out the other day, while not ...


The FEAR: Oven Man

Resident Evil 4. In a series known as the flagship horror series. This title in particular rarely gets a scare out of me. I wanted to be scared by it, I played it with loud 5.1 speakers, in a dark room, close to my Television, the swarms o...


JAM Project's New Single - Crest of "Z's"

Came out today in Japan. I still like GONG more, but epic stuff. Used as the theme song for Super Robot Wars Z. Crest of "Z's" by JAM Project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GthYCaZFQYU&fmt=18 This game is owned by Banpresto and BandaiNamc...


Super Robot Wars Z First Impressions

Well, japan has leaked a copy out and while I wait for my copy of the official version to reach my doorstep, I might as well have fun with piracy. So you get a choice of two routes in the game One featuring the super robot Gunleon plioted...


The King of Fighters XII Media Blowout

EDIT: Some images removed from Attachments to fix page width. Cronos Blade already has a video posted, but let's see screenshots, flyers, and the whole expo. Click the photo links at the bottom for FULL RESOLUTION FLYERS Notice new outf...


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