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[Short blog] MSS Reminder

Don't forget tomorrow at 7 PM Pacific is the second week of Mystery Science Sunday! This week our feature is Prince of Space, followed by a couple special presentations so stick around afterwords! Plant your butt here to blast off to adv...


[Short blog] Mystery Science Sunday Reminder

Just a heads up, Mystery Science Sunday launches in about an hour and a half with the KTMA episode Gamera Vs. Barugon so either come back to this blog where a player should be embedded or head to my channel's main page here and get some ri...


Mystery Science Sunday Prepares to Launch

In the not-too-distant future -- Next Sunday, A.D. -- There was a guy named CrocBox, not too different than you or me. He worked in Destructoid's community blogs, just trying to think of a rhyme for 'blogs"; He typed his blog at a cheerfu...


FNF - Join the Minature Replica Army

I currently have F.E.A.R. 2 in my hands and I just downloaded the Toy Soldier pack so who wants to MRS it up with me tonight? I am thinking of starting around 8 PM Pacific time so if you are down for the bang bang and kung fu inside of a ...


New dothack trailer is delicious

I happen to close out some old tabs, cursing Joystiq for not coming up with a April Fools joke of their own when I happen across a headline with ".hack//LINK" of course I immediately loaded it up to see what it was all about. ".hack//LINK d...


Marvel Movie News: The Road to The Avengers Edition

Earlier today Marvel updated the release dates on five of it's upcoming films, organizing them into a strategy they call "The Road to The Avengers". With this strategy Marvel Studios plans to release at least one related film each year le...


[Short blog] Halo Wars demo rerouted

According to a listing on Xbox.com, the demo for Halo Wars has received a new release date... THE BEGINNING OF TIME Yes, it would seem Microsoft has acquired a time machine and thought the easiest way to get the most people interested i...


(Probably) Top 5 of 08

This is marked as "Probably" because I haven't played a lot of games from 08 - espcially the Fall titles - it is also why there is really only 5. Also I have a terrible memory and can't remember what exactly has been released this year. So ...


Japanese Fallout 3 gets a serious shave

So we all know that the Japanese have stricter content policies in some areas when it generally comes to games, particularly in the area of excessive violence. Voodoo Extreme recently discovered on a Japanese language Bethesda board that ...


Marvel Movie News: Final Justice Edition

Marvel announced today that it's upcoming film based on everyone's favorite shield tossing super solider officially has a director, producers, and a release date. The First Avenger: Captain America will be released on May 6, 2011 shortly ...


Discover your Persona

So a couple weeks ago I am in this big Sword of the Stars game and I need something to do in between turns, so I turn towards YouTube to look at Persona 4 videos and I happen to stumble upon a handful of Persona 3 fan fare. Among them I f...


Fracture Impressions

I was finally able to take a whack at the demo for Fracture, LucasArts' new third-person shooter, and thought I could lay down a few thoughts here. In this game global warming and the search for finding a way to stop it have split the wo...


Dreamcast Day 08

As some of you may know on this day nine years ago a little machine called the Sega Dreamcast was born and there was much rejoicing (yaay...) so I thought I would throw up a little Happy Birthday blog post for everyone's favorite underdog. ...


I can has Chain of Memories remake?

According to an unnamed source that threw in a tip to Kotaku yesterday, Square Enix during their time at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas made passing mentions that the PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, that was included on ...


The Power of PAX Compells You

Well as you all know I am so very excellent at all this so I am totally not completely forgetting what all I was gonna say so maybe if I just post the pic with some of my shwag my mind will untangle itself enough for me to actually write. ...


Yarr time to win some booty

Alright all you survey dogs, listen up! I have two [2] Pirates of the Burning Sea two-week trial codes and they can be yours if'en you can prove you have it in ye to sail the seven seas. All ye have to do is show your pirate colors(that's...


Play a game, win a game

For those few that don't know and those who just like to wait till the last minute, if you head over to Kongregate right now, either login or sign up, and play Achilles you can get entered to win either an Xbox 360 Elite with Fallout 3 or...


Soul Calibur IV Premium Edition Unboxed

I managed to acquire not only a copy of Soul Calibur IV for my birthday but the shiny Premium Edition that I really wanted, so I thought I would share it with all of you. My camera at the time of taking most of these pics decided it wasn'...


I have a new friend

Got it last night, all set up and ready now, ready for ultimate win. :D Got CoD4 so hit me up if you wanna play some, just be warned that I am not very good x.x also, her name is Avandra xD


Archive Swamp: Bleach: Shattered Blade Review

Not much to say about this one, it's one of the first I wrote for GameFly. Although, mainly recommended to fans of the anime; Bleach: Shattered Blade can actually be very entertaining for the uninitiated. The controls are made up comple...


Archive Swamp: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Review

This one actually got me the number one spot on GameFly :P Be ready to think... ... And become good friends with the "Game Over" screen because you two are going to be seeing a lot of each other. The enemies are given steel weapons righ...


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