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It amazes me how much people shit on Walking Dead, Life is Strange,etc which are excellent games and are excellently written. Those people just blow nitpicks out of proportion or complain about things they've invented in their heads ie absolutely nothing.


Japanese dude found a way to look up RE7 girls skirt


Beard papa's freshn natural cream puff Now thats some drink


Oh DB intros is a thing. I see, there's only one obviously


I've been writing for Destructoid for one year as of today..... I guess that's the end of my post


there are too many video games desu

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I like to tell myself I have OCD, which is one reason I obsessively try to visit as many countries around the world as possible and want to play every significant or at least well-received game out there (same goes for movies). I spend most of my free-time trying to clear those backlogs while also trying to obsessively learn as much about games in particular through various sources.

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