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Oh, hey there. This is an introduction.

What's up Dtoid! I'm Mike and I'm an 18 year old college student attending Penn State University. I've been an avid Dtoider for a while now. I've subscribed to all of the official and non-official podcasts and I also listen to the Elect...


Too poor for Civ 5? Why not try some Tetris!

Sid Meierís newest life-consuming strategy game, Civilization V has just been released. Based on the demo, I can say that it looks fucking sick and I am so envious of anyone who owns it. Unfortunately, my bank account is unable to accept ...


About College Gamersone of us since 2:23 PM on 09.22.2010

Hi I'm Mike and I play video games.

I'm an 18 year old college student.

I go to Penn State University.

I'm a big fan of Destructoid and the DToid community.

I like Podcasts.

Destructoid has inspired me to blog about games.

Talk to me if you like my work or have criticism.

[email protected]
Steam ID:MPFterd


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