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Magic the Gathering : Dtoid

Being a gamer website, I figured alot of us play or used to play Magic the Gathering and I'm sure there are a lot who are in my situation where we did play a while ago but life went on and we moved on to cheaper things. So I want to bring...


My video game collection part deux

Ok like I said here's part two of my collection, the PS2, PS3 and the goodies well some of them those are going to be part of a later blog, well one item in particular. So yeah let's start with the PS2. This section contains my RPGs or RPG...


Final Fantasy IV DS Available for Pre-Order

I just got this in my email box. Final Fantasy IV is available for pre-order through gamestop, EB games, Game Crazy, I guess this is a good news for most of us. Well for me it's not, I just spent the last week replaying the or...


E-Wastes (NVGR)

A few days ago Greenpeace or some other organization published something about videogames hardware being unhealthy. Now that announcement was probably made for shock value and to ride on the wave of unpopularity of the video games within a ...


Atlus news : Zoids Assault

Lately seems like Atlus gives almost all it's attention on the Xbox 360, maybe as an effort to popularize the strategy RPG genre to North America. Alot of people are surely going to be pleased by that. So today we got a new game announce...


Paper Nintendo DS

Hey unless I missed a post about this (in which case I'm sorry for reposting) I have to share this video I found on youtube while I was looking to kill time (my gf was watching America next top model). Well it's some dude that made this wi...


Dragon Warrior : A case of major retro goggles

Well like I said I would try to complete a Dragon Warrior game every 2 weeks or so. So here’s the first one in the serie. “The protagonist of the story is a warrior who is a descendent of the legendary hero Erdrick (known in some version...


Dragon Quest, an overview

Castles, swords, knights, princess, dragons, kings, and epic quests are all elements that define RPGs in the medieval setting and are what best describes Dragon Quest. When someone talks about RPG the first thing that comes to most peopl...


Retro : Origin

Last night I was having a discussion with my mother about gaming and how it was from her point of view when I was a kid and one interesting thing came up that I didn't really recalled. Most of my childhood gaming memories are filled with ...


Baroque : Yes it is good but maybe you should pass

This post is not to steal the light from Gen Eric Gui But just to some of my thought. Here are is thoughts about the game : Cblog post First of all the game is good, REALLY good. But what makes it good for some might make it bad for ot...


Today is Atlus day

Woo Woo, got 3 good things today. 1. Japanese import of Shin Megami Tensei 2 for super famicom 2. Cubivore for the gamecube 3. EBgames called me for Baroque So yeah my little collection of Atlus's game grew up today. However it means that...


Second language gaming

Seems like I have inspiration for posts today. Again today I was thinking about gaming and more about how I grew up as a gamer. More precisely how I grew up with french being my primary language and only learned english with the basic cou...


Atlus news : Under the knife 2

One of the first game on the DS and one of the greatest, trauma center is one of the game that really took advantage of the console and it's touch capabilitie. Now-a-day Trauma center is getting harder to find, I know for a fact that I ha...


ESRB : Violence in games and realism

Well today I was really bored, and I started thinking about the ESRB, how lame it is etc etc, then I wondered : which console has the biggest proportion of M+ rated games. Of course I knew that Nintendo is out, they've been known for bein...


not Emulators and Controllers

This post is for all the people that not emulate. I am sure that most of us have tried emulators and found that the keyboard makes for a very very bad controller and well the PC controllers are really bad too, bad buttons but especially bad...


Another Atlus strategy game : Spectral Force 3

Seems like this week Atlus keeps announcing new strategy games, and above all, the past two announcements for consoles have been for the Xbox 360. Seems like the RPG dry spell is over for the 360. Well this time around it's not about werew...


Atlus new game : Operation Darkness

Being the little Atlus bitch that I am I had to post about this new game. Unfortunately (for me) or not for a lot of us, this new game is going to be release on the Xbox 360. The game is called Operation Darkness and is schedule for relea...


Gaming-on-Demand : Yesterday and Today

Alot of gaming concept are destined to obscurity as if the manifacturer wants to forget about it. At least for a couple of years until the idea matures into something that is interesting, fun and viable. We can think about the power glove -...


Version x.x

Lately me and some other peeps on Dtoid have notice a trend about sequels in a franchise and not being totally different but rather "improved" and instead of giving them a proper number (1, 2, 3, 4) we designate them with a .5. Now I can un...



Hey Destructoid, I've been posting in the forum for a while, chatted a bit on IRC, and played a few Brawl games with some of you. Now I'm making the move to the Blog. I do not have any past writing experience beside the odd essay and colleg...


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