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Here's to you Admiral! Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday to Plastic Tree and Brett! Hope you two make the best out of this situation!


Show of hands, how many of your local supermarkets have been almost completely emptied out by now with maybe a few things still left inside.


Happy Birthday Cj! The pic may or may not show your "gift" at home.


Looks like Tokyo Jungle is happening because of the virus.


Well looks like the TP buy panic has come to town here. Alot of the usual things are out of stock like certain canned foods and especially tissue. Funny enough there's still a ton of Napkins on the shelves.


Well my University just reported it's first confirmed case of Corona. I'm not too worried about getting it, but my Mother is recovering from her Chemo session's and I'm pretty concerned about how potentially vulnerable she is to it.


Corvid 19 sure has had alot of unexpected consequences hasn't it.


Not recommended for people with Retail PTSD.


Happy Birthday Nekro! I wish you a *insert what Nekro deserves here*


Pic dedicated to a special someones day!


Today (technically yesterday) was the ol PS2's big 20. Come and let us reminisce about the glory days of this legend.


Happy Birthday Jetter and Limo! Here's your cake, you both decide how to split it.


Well after a month of the diagnosis being confirmed, my mom is starting her Chemo. What a year this is going to be.


I'll let you all judge how fitting this is.


Well Happy late Valentines day to you all Dtoiders! Here's the last image of Valentines you'll see.


For those of you considering Yakuza 7


Happy Birthday Panda! If you're lurking somewhere around here I want to say that I appreciate all you've done for us!


Happy Birthday Wes! It ain't Wednesday but here ya go!


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