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Is it normal to have an 95% success rate of clogging your toilet everytime you take a dump?


Phoenotopia released on Steam a few days ago if the switch wasn't your thing.


Tell me your feelings about this news.


Well this really sucks, btw this wasn't caused by the Dev's if that's what you're thinking.


If any still remembered about S2 it's coming in July.


Here's a crossover I don't think anyone expected.


Ever wonder if dreaming is sometimes actually you travelling to an alternate dimension?


Happy birthday to resident G-fuel connoisseur Soulbow! Please do not try mixing G-fuel with New years alcohol.


I'd play a meta RPG like this.


I sure wish someone would make a remake of the first Unreal.


For anyone still on the fence about Brigador GoG is giving it away for free, so get it while you still can!


Never has trying to sound so smart, while being so dumb about a franchise made me want to punch a reviewer in the jewels.


Cyberpunk's body mod options only confirm what I've suspected about mainstream cyberpunk. They're COWARDS when it comes to offering more "Exotic" body-modifications.


Random, but pretty interesting, piece of Mario trivia I found.


Well I'm back, was there any mouth frothing?


I got to finish an assignment due today so I'll likely miss a good chunk of the show. I'm expecting some mouth frothing from at least one thing from this so please hydrate yourselves.


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