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I'm really really happy right now! A dude over at the warhammer reddit found a way to get vengeance of the blood angels working on win 10! A nice little wolfenstein clone that I'll be playing until the tactics patch comes out :P


I'm eating nicky's food right now. His order was more expensive than mine and I feel really guilty about this, but at the same time...ITS SO DELICIOUS! (pic unrelated)


Those still interested in space hulk tactics I'd recommend a wait. Between the second patch and release the genestealer ai has been borked. A balance patch is coming out next week so im really hopeful because I loved the beta but didnt touch the campaign.


Cat pictures today eh? Had this on my wall forever :P


I woke up today wanting to be a masochist. This is the first and LAST imperial fists anything I have and will ever paint! A humbling experience and I have new found respect to Imperial Fists players who paint 100's of these guys.


Quickie for today. I really like genstealer cult, they look very Dune in aesthetic. Just need to do some touchups though.


Question time! Who's your favorite sleazy shit bag in gaming? Mine is Roy Earle from LA Noire, especially later on in game.


Alright a name has been picked and it is...Lex!? If you read this I'll be messaging you shortly. All runner-ups get this awesome helsreach video to watch with some popcorn and some heretical images in the comments :P If I could I'd gift every one though!


In celebration of Space Hulk: Tactics coming out soon im doing a mini give away(contest?) for a steam copy! Just comment if you want in and I'll pick a name from a random generator monday :P SPHESS MERHINNES!!! [THE FINAL BUMP!]


More Space Hulk content coming in hot! I've had Brother Leon on the back burner for a while and decided to get him painted in celebration for SH:Tactics this tuesday(and to stop being lazy):P


Did you know you could play SH:Tactics in first person too? Also here is a critical look at the demo by good ol valrak before next week's release if you're interested.


Painted up this 🅱ig 🅱oi for #ThiccThursday :P Fucked up the knee pad transfer but eh, I'll just call it battle damage.


I'm gonna gush about SH: Tactics for awhile but I seriously love this, and it is only the beta! Fans have already made classic space hulk missions with traditional rule sets, only took me 2 attempts to beat suicide mission :P


Not only did this battle brother save me from my own incompetence but he did it with style! Forgot to put him on overwatch but he survived and punched 2 genestealers to death! Space Hulk Tactics might be my fav and best video game conversion yet!


I can safely say that AC Odyessey is my dream ancient greek game ever since I was a wee babby playing age of empires and reading greek myths from pilfered library books :P


The greatest suprise waking up right now is finding the Soldier Of Fortune series is now on GOG! I played through them again earlier this year and they are still my favorite budget shooters from good old rave soft. PS: the community edition is free...


Over the course of this morning ive just been enjoying dora's decent into darkness as she slowly breaks out of character facing the troubles of adult life. Now I just wish there was more than 9 episodes :P


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