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Happy birthday Pat. I don't know how is that you always look so young!


I don't know if they're gonna kill it because of him, but if so, The Nevers will probably be remembered as Whedon's new Firefly. Don't let you down by disingenuous critics: it's awesome. Watch it.


Shout-out to RiffRaff for suggesting Call of the Sea: lovely game indeed! I think I know Lovecraft all too well for not knowing where this is going though ;)


For what it's worth, I just want to say that I love you all and I love this place. That is all.


You know who this is for. May you keep digging into the weird and the surreal for many, many moons my friend.


The Council finally let me have a capital C in my username. All praises to the Council.


I mean, wtf dudes. What's happening here.


Just a heads up guys, for anyone interested I've tested Octopath on Series S (fresh on Gamepass) and - against my fears - it runs flawlessly at 60fps. Super super nice.


Happy birthday dtoid! Let's party like real nerds!


@Derpunkel I was there. I hovered my finger on the payment of a frigging € 720 bundle because Gamestop. I hesitated and the powers that be decided that it went out of stock in that moment. Praise the sun!


I know that getting a PS5 is all the rage, but I'm curious to know if someone here got a XSS and what they think of it. I'd like some first hand impressions from my fellow dtoiders!


For anyone who missed it (I sure did until I watched the full event), Arceus looks to have classic turn based battles in the open world.


This has Sword&Sworcery and Katana Zero written all over it and I'm in love just at the idea.


Well, not that it was unexpected but.. fuck anyway. https://www.konami.com/games/corporate/en/news/release/20210115/ Working link in comments


Happy new year D-toid and happy birthday to my Retrowave buddy Soulbow!


Merry Christmas Destructoid! I just woke up and said "I need to wish merry Christmas to all d-toid" and my gf replied "right, now it's time for the other part of the family". Damn right, she is!


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