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Love the resurgence of tactics games, but where's FFT? C'mon Square, we know it's coming, just give it to us already!


So Sean Booth of British electronic duo Autechre revealed they were contacted by Retro for scoring Metroid Prime but Nintendo canned it. I'm so torn now. MP music is amazing, but on the other hand, Autechre. Oh man.


I've finally made it through Disco Elysium and I think it has definitely ruined every other narrative game for me. Also happy birthday Chrono, you're a cool cat and a fantastic addition to this place!


So I gave a quick glance at the official game catalog for the revamped Ps plus and, unless I haven't seen the full thing...yeeeeshhh. What do you guys think?


With all this talk about elden ring I'd be tempted to go and buy it if it wasn't already at home. Elden Ring at home:


Finally wrapped up Shin Megami Tensei V. I had my reservations at first but in the end I enjoyed the game immensely. The so called "true ending" is really great (and I feel it's pretty deserved seeing the requirements). So what's the take around here?


So Arceus is not fresh news, but I still wanted to show you a promo art distributed in Italy by artist @LRNZ. Original copy went on a ebay auction for charity. It's so beautiful!


The sense of wonder and adventure of 90s Toriyama's art is still unparalleled in my eyes and Dragon Quest III's cover perfectly encapsulates it all! Have a good day! #morningcovers


Good morning guys! For all the minimalist around here, I'm gonna relive a curiosity from the tail end of the GBA's era.. Bit Generation! Full collection in comments! #morningcovers


Good morning guys! Before being acquired by Sony (and being unceremoniously closed in 2012), Psygnosis has been a powerhouse in the 90s, known for great games and.. awesome covers! Let's pour one out in their memory! #morningcovers


Good morning guys! For the delight of Occams, today's #morningcover goes to obscure gem and rare collaboration between H.R. Giger and videogames covers.. Jaseiken Necromancer! Enjoy!


Good morning y'all! Fun fact: Parodius (PC Engine version pictured) was the first game I bought for the super Nintendo, months before getting the actual hardware. Did you ever get a game before having the console? #morningcovers


Matrix: Awakens has single-handedly rekindled my interest in next gen. It's an Unreal Engine 5 demo made to show off that the future we dreamed of (or feared?) is actually arrived. All wrapped in a meta-meta game of the Matrix. Jaw dropping.


I can see why getting an OLED and ditching the lite was a good idea. My switch time until the end of October was near zero. Oh and SMTV count is busted, as my save file says more than 30hrs and I also died quite a few times.


Yo guys. Pretty rough Monday for me so I couldn't give you my #morningcover in a timely fashion. So here's the deal: take this beauty and we call it a day.


Good morning guys! Today I'll take a break from #morningcovers to show you a bit of my archeological adventures (which incidentally looks like something straight from SMTV). Have a great Sunday y'all!


Good morning ya'll! I'll refrain from taking a jab at David Jaffe and I'll simply put this beautiful cover here. #morningcovers


Good morning guys! Today's cover goes to low key classic Koutetsu Teikoku, also known in the west as Steel Empire (or The Steel Empire or Empire of Steel). Full art cover in comments! #morningcovers


For anyone interested (and I know there's quite a few around here), patch 1.0.2 for SMTV is officially live in the west too. Among other things, it adds a useful FOV option that I was craving since the beginning! Just hoping it doesn't tank performance!


Good morning y'all! With yesterday's Muramasa begging for a Switch port, here's another game with a great cover that deserves a release on current hardware. Bonus Japanese art and a little (barely related) bit of trivia in comments! #morningcovers


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