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Untitled Goose Game (House House, 2019)


WIP #2! Now it is starting to look how I imagined it.


I've been playing a bit with Pico-8, will try to make a game with less than 560 character of code for a gamejam. Hopefully will have something playable by Monday!


And also bought Legend of Bumbo yesterday, but was only able to play a little bit today before work. The polishing/juiciness/menus are kinda rough, but gameplay and art direction are rock solid so far, digging it! (edit: typo)


Forgot to post about it, but I've got Celeste on my birthday and then finished it last Sunday. What a fucking great game, really heartwarming, and I may or may not have got teary eyed a few times while playing it.


Today I found out about MtG Cardsmith, and this was clearly a mistake.


Ok, guess I justpre-bought Edmund McMillen's new game, because that's what I do whenever he releases new shit *sigh*


Current Pico 8 Breakout tutorial progress: 10 videos down, 67 to go


I usually try really hard to avoid Pokemon spoilers, but as I'm not planning on buying Sword/Shield anytime soon I decided to check out the leaks. I dislike some new designs, but there is a lot of cool stuff out there. Seems like it will be a fun game


Had fun yesterday! Ended up not playing my brother's Switch, but we had a MtG cube draft, in a best of 1 tournament format. I ended up winning with a Golgari deck. I mean, half of players never played it, but still counts I guess.


Welp, I just turned 30 years old today


Status update: figured out how to animate sprites on Pico-8, but found it kind of a chore. That said, I'm probably doing it wrong. Only programmed animations for the down and right sides because Im lazy


The good thing about the residence program is that the lunch break is 30 min longer than at my previous job. Did a bit more of the Udemy Blender tutorials, then gave it a break and decided to watch some PICO-8 youtube tutorials instead. I'm digging it!


So I went with my brother to the MtG Open House at his favorite store, but just briefly. I scored a green/red welcome deck (M20) and he got a white/red. We played once, he got me at 4HP and then on the next turn I caused 15 damage and won :p


Game genre idea: an online cooking game where 100 players try to bake the tastiest cake ever, while the slowest players are eliminated one by one. The name of this genre? Batter Royalle.


Working on saturdays sure is fun, but thank Arceus I have this video to keep me entertained. Oh, and also brought my 3DS but haven't turned it on yet. And by the way, next monday is my last day working here, details in the comments. (now with details)


Since yesterday I've been feeling like playing some good ol' Phantasy Star Online. Never made very far, I always stopped playing at area two, and I bet this will probably happen again if I end up installing it :l


Ancap coworker: I used to like System of a Down until they started putting political stuff in their lyrics


My brother is trying to get me into MtG, so he gifted me a pauper deck that consists of dinosaur cards + knight and vampire tokens. We played yesterday, and I'm finding it quite fun so far! First impression was that I may like it more than Pokemon TCG.


The only reason I'm still sober is because I don't own a hip flask


Today is Brazil's Independence Day, and not a living soul will work today... Except me and my coworkers. I'm bringing my Android gamepad and my 3DS stuff to survive during the most boring 4 hour shift ever.


Welp, have fun with Iceborne, console folks! I'm trying to decide if I spoil myself by searching the full monster list or if I instead try to go blind only to get spoiled by social media. Decisions, decisions...


Having to work on Saturdays sucks, but at least there always almost no work to do, so I guess I'll try to play MHGen once more to see if I make it past Low Rank before I get bored of it


After weeks without touching this I decided to work a bit more on my FPS for Android. Now you can shoot and it has 2 buttons. Baby steps!


On less horrible news, yesterday I had the chance to try Breath of the Wild and woah, what an incredible game. It felt so good to just play it. Also I'm surprisingly good at getting myself killed by climbing steep slopes and falling in freezing water.


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Hello! My name is André and I live in Brazil. Currently I'm a System Analisis and Development student and I'm a hobbyist game dev (current status: life block).

My love of games comes from when my parents gave me a Sega Mega Drive when I was 4 (i think). My mom still regrets this decision to this day.

Love all consoles equally, but my current game devices are a trusty 3DS and my ok-ish laptop (at least it was a neat machine back in 2014).

Dango made me a list with my very favorite games ever (thanks a lot dude!):

Also here are some other games that I really love, like, really much, in no specific order:

- Pokémon Y
- Pokémon Blue
- Pokémon Platinum
- Sonic 2
- Sonic Colors
- Sonic Generations
- Phantasy Star 4
- Phantasy Star Online 2
- Need for Speed Underground
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Soul Calibur 2
- Final Fantasy Explorers
- Torchlight 2
- Thunderforce 3
- Thunderforce 5
- Fire Shark
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
- The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap
- Elemental Gimmick Gear
- Cannon Spike
- Fantasy Life
- GTA: San Andreas
- Etrian Odyssey 4
- Outlive
- Deadly Premonitions
- Ikaruga
- We <3 Katamari
- Ace Combat 5
- Ace Combat 0: The Belkan War
- Shining Force 2
- I'm probably forgetting stuff and will add more latter