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I can't post blogs because DToid thinks I'm a bot. Anyone else having this problem?


Metal Gear Solid V - Press Event 5/12/15

For those unaware, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently being playtested at a press event. Here's some notable info I've gathered around the web, in one place for your sweet, reading convenience. Story-Related Info The so...


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix Announced!

Never underestimate how feverishly I watch for Kingdom Hearts news. Anyways, this article is primarily serving as a placeholder until Destructoid inevitably one-ups me and posts another. Regardless, I'm gonna skip to the basics as to wh...


Episodic Development: Why and Why Not

Hideo Kojima recently said that the next-gen may switch to a more episodic format to compensate for rising development costs. I'm not going to conflict this claim- he's the dev, not me. I don't know how much money and time and resources it...