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The largest creature I've encountered so far in No Man's Sky, though still less impressive than the trailer animals.


How to play No Man's Sky on the go, courtesy of Digitiser2000's Mr Biffo...


Pre-order culture has reached a new nadir. The PS4 dashboard just suggested I pre-order Dark Souls DLC. Why? Is there a shortage of 1s and 0s?


Spoilers for Rings: Samara spends the whole movie sobbing into a pot of Häagen-Dazs after reading the comments on her video.


Another No Man's Sky review/summary, featuring Rich from RedLetterMedia, which compares NMS to Stardew Valley, making the point that in Stardew you can at least look out at your farm and admire it.


Angry Joe's No Man's Sky review is out. He actually goes to far as to show the bits of the trailers/interviews where we were promised feature X, which then was not in the final version.


Thank goodness I've got the wisdom of the ancients to guide me through No Man's Sky.


Free DLC for The Witcher 3 was really something to get excited about, the designers rewarding purchasers. Free No Man's Sky DLC seems like they're just finishing the game way after time.


Finally got my hands on No Man's Sky - streaming at twitch.tv/chrishannard


I would pay good money for a Space Mutiny game.


I swear, I never get bored of this, nor can I ever keep a straight face.


While I can sympathise with devs RE Day 1 patching as in NoMansSky, it's still a financially driven practice. I can't think of another consumer industry where Joe Public would accept an incomplete product being released.


Ever wondered what The Rock would look like as Duke Nukem? So did I ... but I didn't expect Project Murphy to throw up this little gem.


Finally, an appropriately reverent and relevant Pokemon Go song.


Got a pre-launch copy of No Man's Sky? Whether it's for technical or other reasons, the 0 day patch will apparently wipe your progress.