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Hey folks, Whatcha Been Playing and my usual Xmas message are on deck as always, but just wishing y'all a fine weekend. Hope that it's a happy and restful one. Take the break you deserve from another long year, and be sure to join me on the FP Sunday x


I'm having to deprogram for SF6 Juri working... New controls, a different anti-air button, different mechanics, but we're working on it, and its coming together, even if the transition between V and VI is being a tad janky for us. Look at her tho <3


What a week. I hope that u are all ok, and the weekend is filled with both the simple pleasures and the complex ones too. I don't know what a complex pleasure is. Have a safe and restful wkend. I want to see you ALL in Whatcha Been Playing, capiche? <3


HEADS UP: A change has been made to FP comments. Now, clicking the JTC button will cause the comments to open beneath the article, not in a sidebar/pop-up. We pushed hard for this and hope it helps. If so, please show them by spilling chat on FP <3


Some fine features on the FP right now: an Skullgirls exclusive by me, a live TGA report from Noelle, a ghost game by Sorrel, and *brilliant* ‘dating fighting game characters’ feature from occams. Check em out, share your thoughts, restore the comment


Happy Birthday to our boy D-Volt! Thanks for riding with us and here's to a great day and a fantastic and happy year for you. Have a good one, friend!


The week is making me very unhappy. For a variety of reasons. I hate feeling like this. Oh, I played Hades the most, followed by Street Fighter v


Would love y’all to stop by Whatcha been playing this week. Really grateful for everyone’s input but missing some of the Dtoid veteran crew. Hope y’all having a good weekend


Hey folks, Hope y'all enjoyed The Game Awards and that it had something to keep the hype high into 2023. But before that, I wanna wish y'all a happy and restful weekend. Make it a good one, however you choose to, and keep watching the skies. Love U x


Mental health has taken a full on nose dive. Havent slept properly in days. Outside of necessary work I might go a bit quiet on-site for the week. Just a heads up. Hope y’all are having a good week so far. Love u x


Happy belated birthday to the ridiculously talented Meanderbot! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome work with us, really brightens the place up and we really appreciate you x


Just a heads up that our support at destructoid email should be up and running again now. In unrelated news, maybe stop by Whatcha been Playing today. Would be nice to see some more regulars in there. Hope y’all having a fine Saturday x


And just like that, it's December. I hope that the first weekend of the month is an amazing one for you - with rest and joy and warmth. Thanks for keeping the scene alive, and be kind to yourself. It's the bare minimum you deserve. Love u x


An AI app took some photos of me and kicked out this. Awesome!


How are you doing, friends? I hope your train is still chugging along and that the week is treating you kindly. Here is a cat that I don't own that won't stop coming into my house.


Happy Birthday to yer pal Seymour! Thanks for hanging out and keeping the place cute. Have a wicked day and an awesome year!


Hope that you're all enjoying the holiday weekend and you haven't bought too much junk. I picked up a selection of delightful Bloos for bargain price. And that's about it for me. I hope u all have a happy and restful weekend. Remember yer boy loves you x


Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day to all my American pals. Hope you have a rad one. Join us on the FP and share what you’re thankful for in 2022! Love y’all. Pic unrelated.


I have a stonking headache. The Snow. She is coming.


Happy belated Birthday to our dear Willow, thanks for all that you do for our community and for your myriad in-game fashions. Hope you had a wicked one :)


Happy Birthday to our very own Adzuken, Zoey! You are a core part of the Destructoid family and we're so incredibly happy to have you here, have a wicked weekend and a prosperous year!!


It's the w-w-w-weekend! And I hope that yours is a lovely one, filled with fun 'n' games 'n' rest (the latter is for me). Thanks for hanging out this week, and don't forget to wish our gal Adzuken a Happy Bday! Have a wicked one, friends x


You might start seeing some sporadic new faces around here as Destructoid hires some freelancers. These folks have been selected by editorial, so please be welcoming. I know y'all will be, this is just a heads-up that new names will start popping up x


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