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I mayde dis cute comparizon:


Australian PlayStation players can win a REAL Platinum Trophy

Playstation trophies are seriouz bizznezz for some folk, those who are willing to spend hours grinding games they don't like, or buying godforsaken titles that are easy to 100%. It has been this way for some time, ever since PSN trophies (a...


I got a Sonic Forces shirt at EGX, It's a "big Medium" It's long but relatively slim fit, very little give in width. Anyway, I want to give it away to a fan, you just have to paypal postage. The Burning Bluray is for scale only, thats MINE.


Hollow brings spoopy space shenanigans to Steam and Switch

The disquieting, isolated vastness of space has been a frequent go-to in the horror genre. Switch and PC players will soon have the opportunity to once again step into the terrifying unknown in survival horror title Hollow, unveiled at the ...


Snoop Dogg roster-raps in this slick WWE2K18 trailer

I'll admit, I first clicked a link to this new trailer for 2K Sport's upcoming WWEK2K18 with skepticism, I thought it would make for a light, amusing Monday morning story for you good folks here at Destructoid, "Let's all have a giggle".But...


Have y'all had a good couple of days? I hope so..


Finally home from EGX. Exhausting. Stay tuned for some game write-ups, and a hella lot of photos. It was alright, had some bittersweet drama going on, but was good to get out on a mission and meet some awesome new friends. Some game clips in comments!


Nice, A whole bunch of birthdays this weekend! Hope you guys all have a great weekend, Happy Birthday to Nathan D, EtosiTaK, Inquisitive Ravenclaw and anyone else who may be celebrating on the quiet. Best wishes x


My last day at EGX 2017. It’s been a absolute carnival of patiently waiting and overpriced coffee. My fave new games so far are Moreeyo and MH World. Today, among others, is Detroit, can David Cage take the top spot?? (no)


Took out the big guns (camera-wise) to try and combat EGX's *awful* lighting problems, pic quality stepped up a little, thankfully


TBF it was Alpha gameplay, but if Ass Creed launches with even *half* the frame rate issues of the demo I just played.. hoo boy.


Have a weekend wicked everyone, stay safe, have fun! Crappy train WiFi prevents anime party gif though :( You’ll have to provide your own xxx


I've done 280 Front Page posts in 3 months. It's both an stunning achievement and a damning indictment of my woefully unnatural brain pattern. But thanks for all y'all support community x


Monster Hunter World is: Sharp image jungle adventure. Slow attacking many buttons, hobby-grade giant monsters, complicated controls third person, + traumatising violence and epic 90 weapons Hunters!


The lighting at EGX is *awful*, an all-or-nothing clash of straight-up pitch black, and eye-searing full-beam spotlights. It's making photos real tough, but hopefully I'll have some alright shots to stick up after weekend..


I killed a giant creature in MH: World, and triumphant music played whilst its babies mourned the corpse... are you supposed to feel TERRIBLE while playing :(


.... be still my beating heart...


Whoa, back off buddy, I’m INDUSTRY.


I'm hitting EGX in the morning, will try to update with any cool pics, depends on Wi-fi connection and the like, but I'll hopefully be updating my twitter as the weekend progresses, as well as stopping in here during the evenings. You guys n gals be good!


For those of you new to the Yakuza series, and deeply in love with the awesome cut-scenes, skip to 7:45 in this clip, and look at the vocal dub/translation we were forced to endure back on Y1's original release


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