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Honestly, of all these Nintendo Princesses everyone's going crazy over. The only one I care about is Chain Chomp princess, she's my jam in a lotta ways


Persona Q2 drops the beat on its psychadelic opening movie

Although I'm a fan of anime, I find that, a lot of the time, its animation is inconsistent, usually lacking in smooth character movement, occasionally unreliable in terms of anatomy and perspective. Regardless, it can always be relied upon ...


I'm not super precioous about Telltale's Walking Dead, but I just finished the second episode of "The Final Season" and there's no words for the hollowness of watching the credits and knowing "That's it", just as the story hits a turning point. Very sad.


Its getting late here, but thankfully I still gots time to wish Happy Birthday to two of my favourite Dtoiders, Nathan D and Ravenclaw. Hope you're having an amazing day, love thee x


I have to go into hospital on Weds and I already feel like chickening out... I’m just gonna be honest, medical procedure frightens me, even casual stuff like X-rays, but this is more than that, it’s pretty invasive and I’m getting really anxious alr


Hey, you got to the end of week again, nice one. Hope you have a fun, happy and safe couple of days, whatever you’re getting up to. Remember we here for you, love thee x


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