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Finished Dusty Token grind. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoy messing around with infinite Gravity Power until I unlocked it. Then again, knowing me and platformer hubs, I should've expected I'd enjoy having that kind of freedom!


My Gravity Rush 2 Token grind's been going faster than I thought! Just might get it all done today!


Random question: How do you define "guilty pleasure" games, and how do you feel about them if you have any you play? Personally, I consider them "games which are objectively bad, not even subjectively, but which I still enjoy for personal preferences"


Been playing Rayman Legends thanks to PSPlus. Feels good to get back into a swing of doing some daily challenges to get my platforming fix!


Discord just reminded me that Super Mario Galaxy is 10 years old. I feel old.


Ooooo boy, I didn't even realize Hyrule Warriors Switch had the Adventure Maps of both Wii U AND 3DS versions. I've barely made headway into most of the Wii U DLC and never touched the 3DS one, so it just got all the more tempting to get in the future...


Nintendo Switch exclusives we expect to see at E3

The Nintendo Switch is so incredibly successful that fans are expecting Nintendo to go all in on it. Blitzing out of its opening year with Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, two monumental exclusives, guaranteed millions of early a...


Gonna head out to treat my own mother soon, but I hope everyone's having an excellent Mother's Day!


Trainer PSA: The dangers of Pokemon mother negligence

The life cycle of a Pokémon remains an enigma to Day Care owners everywhere. Where do Pokémon eggs come from? Why do they only appear whenever a male and a female Pokémon (or a Ditto) are left alone together f...


I've been gradually getting addicted to Gems of War again... reminds me that I've never actually played a Puzzle Quest game. Maybe I should change that one of these days? Any recommendations?


Hmmm... haven't played Gravity Rush 2 for a while, even though I've got some token grinding to do before the servers close in two months. Might want to amend that this weekend before it slips my mind...


That cblog I wrote yesterday got me thinking... whenever I get back into DFO, I'd probably warm up w/ a new char before jumping back onto my main. But I'm curious what ya'll do when picking up an MMO you've not played for long. New char, or back to main?


Free to Play: Dungeons and Fighters

I’ve shared my mobile gaming habits on this site before, but my free-to-play hopping ventures go back to before I even had my own mobile phone. When it comes to gaming, I liken myself to an adventurer and explorer, always seeking...


Friends got me fantasizing about Warriors crossovers again and I remembered that we're getting Orochi 4 news this week. I want to get excited because that's what I like to do, but thinking logically, I REALLY shouldn't. Not yet. Not after seeing DW9...


And then Mario & Rabbids was no longer incomplete in my backlog!


I'm glad I chose today to get super addicted to Mario & Rabbids because it's the weekend and I'm almost done with the game and it'd be bad if I was this into it on a busier day


May the thing after the third one be with you today


Playing Mario & Rabbids reminds me... that DK DLC is supposed to come out this Spring, but we still don't have a more exact date?


List of most of the RPGs in my backlog. Currently focusing on Mario & Rabbids, finished up World 3 just this week!


Video games and all that jazz

Happy International Jazz Day, everyone! And I sure hope it’s happy for you, because there are few types of music as good at making people happy as jazz can. Jazz has a wonderful upbeat quality, favoring major tones and creative freest...


I've wanted to get Ni No Kuni 2, but I have so many RPGs in my backlog already. Perhaps by the time I beat some of them, I'll be able to grab the game for a cheaper price?


I've decided to cut out my personal Twitter and other effortless time-wasters from weekdays. For a multitude of reasons, but one of them being so that I can play more games and do more for DToid! Even leisure time deserves to be taken seriously.


Recently went to the doc because of sinus issues. Found out I'm allergic to a couple of things I thought I wasn't and which I was regularly exposing myself to. Oops. Take care of your bodies, kids and squids!


The thing I love about games like Disgaea is I can make mooks in my army stronger than the protagonists and nothing can stop them from overthrowing Overlords if I believe in them


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