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FP: 8===D

Just in case you thought Monster Hunter takes itself too seriously, Sailor Moon DLC arrives today

To celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter XX, an enhanced version of the 3DS' Generations that just hit Japan last week, Capcom is putting out a Sailor Moon collaboration. Starting today by way of DLC you can morph your Palicos into Luna, a...   read

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It's Mega time? New Mega Man cartoon trailer fails to impress

Some of my peers think it's weird, but I still watch cartoons. No, not just anime, but stuff on Cartoon Network and the like (Samurai Jack's return has been pretty good so far). So I have no problem catching this new Mega Man cartoon due ou...   read

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A good old fashioned Nintendo Switch accessory review roundup/slobberknocker

[Update: More accessory reviews have been added.] Now that the shiny new Nintendo Switch is out, it's time to put a bunch of accessories to the test. If you're curious how some third-party (sanctioned or non-sanctioned) peripherals measure ...   read

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Gunman Clive creator's next possible game looks great

With the rise of digital distribution, so too have single developer studios risen to the occasion. One such example is Bertil Hörberg, creator of the Mega Man-like Gunman Clive series that last showed up in 2015. He's been working...   read

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Uncharted animator explains wacky Mass Effect: Andromeda facial expressions

Although everyone has enjoyed dunking on the incredibly odd (and sometimes unsettling) Mass Effect: Andromeda animations, at least one developer has chosen to give his opinion on why they ended up the way they did, sans shade. That individu...   read

FP: 8===D

There's a new Fortune Street arriving this year, and it has Final Fantasy's Lightning

I completely forgot about the new Fortune Street game, announced back in September of last year. It's a 30th anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest for both PS4 and Vita, and a ton of characters are coming along for the r...   read

FP: 8===D

JonTron cut from Yooka-Laylee just before the game's launch

All the way back in February 2015, developer Playtonic invited YouTube personality Jon Jafari, aka "JonTron," to be in their game Yooka-Laylee -- which is about to launch next month. It was as simple as Jon giving the studio a "callout...   read

FP: 8===D

You can grab Gravity Rush 2's free Raven DLC now

Previously available as a companion during certain parts of Gravtity Rush 2, you can now play as Raven in a free bit of DLC that was just released. It's a brand new story called "The Ark of Time: Raven's Choice." The best part about the add...   read

FP: 8===D

Resident Evil: Code Veronica rated in Germany, could be coming to current platforms

Since basically every other Resident Evil is coming to PS4 and Xbox One (where are the Outbreak games?!), Code Veronica may as well join them. It was recently rated for the German USK on PS4, but since all of them have hit Xb...   read

FP: 8===D

Nintendo Download: Splatoon 2 Global Testfire

It's a really weird Nintendo Download this week, as there's a ton of different platforms to juggle. For one there's Android, as Super Mario Run finally lost its iOS exclusivity. In other portable news, Japanese Rail Sim 3D and Super De...   read


FP: 8===D

Remember the amazing Kid Icarus: Uprising with some My Nintendo rewards

Kid Icarus: Uprising deserved a sequel on the New 3DS. It was one of the best games I've played in the past 10 years or so, despite the occasional cramping due to the controls -- but I even managed to get used to it with huge hands on an or...   read

FP: 8===D

If we ever get a GameCube Virtual Console, Nintendo needs to make this Joy-Con

Man, if only I had a disposable amount of income that would allow me to paint over an $80 Joy Con set, I would give experiments like this a go. The folks over at Boss Fight Props took the plunge, and managed to craft an amazing looking Game...   read

FP: 8===D

Rumor: Destiny 2 arrives in September, will have a beta

While we wait for the original Destiny to die with drip-fed announcements of rehashed raids (which is actually kind of cool, but hella late), Destiny 2 is just around the corner. Or at least, based on everything we know so far it'...   read

FP: 8===D

Overwatch's long haul approach is fantastic: Director hints at map editor

As they've proven over the course of the past few decades on PC, Blizzard supports their games long term -- whether it's by way of more content, or just compatibility patches. I fully expect Overwatch to be around for a long time, and ...   read

FP: 8===D

This fight between a Guardian and a Stone Talus is one of the best Zelda: Breath of the Wild videos yet

One of the reasons I love Breath of the Wild so much is because of how open it truly is. No I don't mean in a cookie cutter "open world" kind of way, but a truly freeing experience where you can get lost in exploration for hours on end...   read

FP: 8===D

New US and UK travel ban impacts Switch on some international flights

The UK and the US have banded together for a new travel ban that impacts devices "larger than a smartphone," a category that the Switch is decidedly in. Don't worry too much unless you go to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, or ...   read

FP: 8===D

New pictures reveal Nintendo's Joy-Con fix: A piece of foam?

Although I still haven't experienced any left Joy-Con issues since my Switch review unit pre-launch, many others have. A lot of folks have narrowed it down to defective units and "incompatible rooms," which is a not-great experience if you ...   read

FP: 8===D

Here's when Splatoon 2's Global Testfire will run this week

If you haven't already, go download the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire demo from the Switch eShop. You can't play it, but when the flood gates do open you'll have one step over and done with if there are any technical issues. With that sai...   read

FP: 8===D

Dark Souls III is getting a new patch that increases its framerate on the PS4 Pro

This has happened before, but it's still weird to see us entering an era of "PS4 Pro exclusive patches." The next one on the docket is Dark Souls III, which will be rolling out patch 1.11 soon across all platforms, but the PS4 Pro specifica...   read

FP: 8===D

Orisa is off limits in Overwatch's competitive mode for a week

It's not unusual to see a new character, in say, a MOBA, disabled from the roster until a week after their launch. As a lot of developers recognize, it can be jarring, jumping into a competitive mindset and having players first-pick the new...   read

FP: 8===D

Fire Emblem Echoes will support all Fire Emblem amiibo, is getting a limited edition

Nintendo is not known to handle special editions well. Minutes after many go on sale they're sold out for good, and if you want one, get ready to pay double or triple price. The only way to get Fire Emblem Fates on a triple-pack physical ca...   read

FP: 8===D

PSA: Starting a new Zelda: Breath of the Wild game will delete all your old saves

Weeks ago when reviewing Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I toyed with the idea of restarting entirely after conquering the final boss. But after inspecting the "new game" button I found a warning explaining that my previous data would be overwri...   read

FP: 8===D

Lucio is getting some big changes, Overwatch team wants less draws

A new PTR build is live for Overwatch, and it includes some big changes for Lucio. I'm hesitant to call them outright nerfs as a frequent Lucio player, but time will tell what it'll do to his win and pickrate. In short, his sonic amplifier ...   read

FP: 8===D

Get caught up on the wild and wacky universe of Drakengard and NieR in one minute

If you prepped for NieR: Automata by reading wiki entries for Drakengard (which is in the same universe) and the previous NieR, you may not have even started the game yet -- that's how far the rabbit hole goes. It's an insane seri...   read

FP: 8===D

The best part of Binding of Isaac on the Switch? Easy co-op

I can't be the only one who thinks of food when I slide off those Switch controllers right? It reminds me of breaking off a piece of candy or bread, or something. I've been doing that frequently over the weekend to test out The Binding...   read


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There are too many good games out to count now, but I'm always itching to play my backlog of old PS2 action titles. I'll play anything and everything action-adventure, so if you have a game in mind, drop me a line! I have strong opinions regarding the financial decisions of many publishers, but at the end of the day, I'm willing to give anything a chance; especially if it comes recommended by a community member.

Oh; and in 2012 I started contributing to Destructoid.

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The following are a few of my favorite fictional characters, compliments of SuitcoatAvenger

-My favorite video game character of all time: Magic Emperor Ghaleon.

-Legato Bluesummers from Trigun: classic villain.

-Although obscure, Zero Beat is among my favorites.

-My original avatar.