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Can you all point me to some indie games coming out in the future that you're looking forward to?


I'm getting news that the ubisoft montreal hostage situation was in fact a prank call//swatting.


to this day, i don't think there's any rpg that has made me feel the way chrono trigger made me feel


if i can cook a steak on top of xbox series x, that's one more point for microsoft in my book


i remember watching this trailer when the xbox 360 was just coming out and getting blown away. how far we've come


thanks for the birthday wishes guys but my birthday is next month


honestly i'm a trump fan and i hope he loses. this is the first and last political post of 2020 from me on this site


I have the feeling that the digital sales of No More Heroes 1/2 might surprise Suda 51


Crystar looks weeb as hell, but can anyone let me know if this game is a hidden gen?


finally a price point has been revealed for a console


FOLKS i have a problem. i want this game and it will never exist


There are a few games where the title screen presence is so intense you doubt that the actual game could live up to the title screen's hype. This happened to me with Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Anyone else have examples?


playstation is clearly winning but that console design looks like fan art