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Game Pass Me By

A few days ago, I beat Vampire Survivor. To me, this game represents what doing a lot well looks like: It’s fresh, unique, simplistic and addicting as all hell. I love the game so much that I almost think it deserves its own wri...


my little blog seems to be having a hard time saving some edits, but itโ€™s there


YO, turns out they have AI: The Somnium Files Nirvana Initiative at my local library??? on xbox of all consoles


if you're into charming indies with a decent story and a lot of bloom, Narita Boy is free on GOG. link in comments


my friends are starting to get concerned over my vampire survivors addiction


i honestly believe that atari is one of the most overrated companies in gaming, but this collection looks undeniable


randomly thought of this incredible fan advert


just hearing about a laval school shooting just north of montreal of all places. so ridiculous


movie hot take (for some reason (should be common sense)): field of dreams is shockingly bad


heads up. jazz jackrabbit 2 is free on GOG. link in comments


console wars back in my time: mario's and better than sonic, we have better games etc. /console war 2: nintendo's for babies, and the ps and xbox can play dvds and netflix. /console wars now: ps5 only runs the game at 98 fps while xbox runs it at 114 fps


the voice is a younger version of this. we've come full circle


the ereader had no business having this credits theme, or credits at all for that matter


i'll put l'orchestre de jeux video up against anything. do yourself a favor and check out their channel


i've been seeing relationship issues on this forum, and i just wanna say that you're all decent people and deserve the best. keep working on your best self and the right person will follow. that is all


mannnn... i want this to be great. quantum leap was the only sci-fi-y thing i liked back in the day (i've very recently warmed up to star wars)


sometimes i think of games like saint's row, cyberpunk or anthem, and think, what a waste of assets