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Crystar looks weeb as hell, but can anyone let me know if this game is a hidden gen?


finally a price point has been revealed for a console


FOLKS i have a problem. i want this game and it will never exist


There are a few games where the title screen presence is so intense you doubt that the actual game could live up to the title screen's hype. This happened to me with Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime 3 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Anyone else have examples?


playstation is clearly winning but that console design looks like fan art


this might sound crazy, but if quick resume isn’t a thing on PS5, Xbox Series X is gonna be my first next console. i have a feeling this feature is going to be game changer


this song commands the simon belmont strut


after danganronpa, ai the somnium files and steins-gate, im left with only one real option here


just discovered and beat this random game on game pass. how in the world did gato roboto get a 6.5??


i was playing the castlevania collection and i was amazed at how damn accurate it was. with that, i got to learn a lot about these emulation masters at developer M2


i had no idea that steamworld dig 2 was going to be that good. what an incredible game


there's a rumor floating around that microsoft might have absorbed sega as an another xbox game studio.


the PS5 controller looks like what someone in 2002 thought the PS5 controller would look like. That, or the controller to Nintendo On


hbd admiral. one day, we'll grab a drink