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“imagine the meteor in the ff7 logo as the basketball”


kinda ironic given that activision was originally founded by a group that broke away from atari due to a toxic work environment, 40 years ago


I dare say I think Kaze nailed down the feel of Donkey Kong Country better than Returns or Tropical Freeze


i have the feeling that when those Steam Deck Wii U emulation videos start coming out on Youtube, this gonna be a whole new ballgame


nvgr but had to share. btw fully vaccinated


Heads up, discount on Shantae and the Seven Sirens on Xbox


I usually just go straight to a qtoid shortcut on my browser so I'm probably late to the party on this, but are you serious Destuctoid? these ads are tacky af. There has to be another way


I am pleasantly surprised to see AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative announced also for Xbox of all consoles


this game is about to hit Game Pass next week (I already own it) the fact that it's allowed to exist is amazing to me haha. Such a welcomed total rip off.


heads up Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase are free on the Epic Games Store


everyone on destructoid for some reason


got one! Canadians, it's available at Best Buy if you're interested


and FINALLY Danganronpa comes to Switch. Such an obvious move. Almost as obvious as releasing Persona 5 on Switch.


this might sound like some superficial crap, but the fact that there's a committed little tribute handheld for Link's Awakening is very appealing to me


damn all this for a pancake recipe?