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Oh Gravity Rush 2. I like you but I want to love you. Seriously, the controls in this game are so disorienting at times and it's feels hard to get anything done with the shifting mechanic. I'm also not a fan of the Lunar form. Am I doing something wrong?


Just played the Contra Rogue Corps demo and I don't think it's too bad. The action is fast, frenetic, and dare I say fun but the frequent swearing is kinda dumb. More thoughts in the comments.


In rememberance of all of the first responders and all of those who died today 18 years ago. Rest in peace. Never forget.


For anyone interested, Last of Us Part 2 is getting a special event on September 24th in Los Angeles.


Black Beauty (Ok, I'll stop with the horse puns)


A REALLY tragic and scary incident happened to a coworker at my job the other day. It wasn't fatal but given the situation, things could've ended up much worse. Story in the comments.


I'd like to think he's dreaming that he's a DJ.


Silly question time! If you were a character in Fire Emblem what would your 4 critical hit quotes be? Bonus challenge: Can they not be crass? ;) (They can be if you want)


I'm more of a burrito guy myself but far be it from me to turn down good Tex-Mex.


For those in the path of Hurricane Dorian please stay safe. Find shelter and stay well supplied. Take care of yourselves and each other.


Follow up Silly Question Time! Of these 3 genres (SRPG, Dating sim, or Party) which would you like to see Destructoid themed? What ideas would you bring to the table for your genre of choice? Characters, gameplay, etc...


Reminder: Metal Wolf Chaos XDs physical release from Special Reserve goes live at 12 P.M central (Texas) time. Only 3,000 copies are being sold. LET'S PAAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY!


Ugh...Sadly, the dealership I wanted that Mustang from wasn't willing to negotiate a price with me. Waiting on a few offers to get back to me. Though, I may have to go down to SoCal (A 6+ hour drive for me) to get around the price I want.


For anyone interested, Gaming Alexandria has an article on Sunsoft's NES Terminator game before it became Journey To Silius/RAF World. Also, Sunsoft and Jaleco are both getting new collections soon. Links are in the comments.


It seems that Gamestop is laying off more people and some of the staff at Game Informer are affected too. Very sad for all those involved. I hope that all those affected are able to bounce back. Very sad.


Although I do like hand drawn art work in video games, there's just something about old-school spritework that makes me like it more.


It's looking very possible that I might be buying my new Mustang this Friday! I've been saving up for this kind of car for years. Accounting for the price of my down payment, Insurance, and registration...this won't be cheap ._.


After over a year, I decided to pop back in Wild Guns Reloaded and holey moley...I'd forgotten how hard this game is. But I'll be damned if I don't mention how fun it is. Time to git gud.


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