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Finally 100% Legend of Mana. That was a long coming. Debating between 1 Sega CD Lunar, 2 SaGa Frontier 2 or 3 Alundra. Help me out fellas! 1 2 or 3


Once again it's that time in between MMOs patch gaps. Yep, Legend of Mana and Brigandine Grand Edition


Clone wars is back,castlevania season 3,baldur's gate 3,a new brigandine game is coming out, sonic is decent again,streets of rage 4 is coming out, diablo 4, Trials of mana/secret of mana 2 remake,MMPR Battle for the Grid is good. Whatelse ya got for me


Just when I was going through organizing my Video Game Metal Remix on spotify, GaMetal has to go and release not one but two albums. No one can take something like Wandering Ghosts from SotN and metal it out like they can. Please go check them out!


Just beat Vagrant Story with my wife. Now to proceed onward with which game: Wild Arms, Beyond the Beyond, Legend of Dragoon, SaGa Frontier or Legend of Mana?


I've got 6* people wanting to play a D&D campaign. I'm looking around for a DM to do one shots once or twice a month. We've got discord, skype, and Roll20 ready to go and would like to start mid to late august. I'm still working out everyone's schedule


Been looking for different energy drinks or supplements besides Monster and Redbull. Anyone have a particular energy drink or coffee they like from a store or amazon?


What's your favorite video game soundtrack overall or the best track in a game?


What's the rarest video game you've ever owned?


https://open.spotify.com/user/chandlerspotify86/playlist/6ATuHrcKZ3rU55qeMlko38?si=6JablWNVQO2rTVi3WQT3%20 Anyone looking for video game metal covers I gotcha!


FF XIV Shadowbringers: Skepticsm vs Hype Train. Let me tell ya, I've embraced the hype train with this expansion. Its brought old FC members and cross world friends together. Until that content wall is hit,I'm gonna chase this feeling and savor the moment


I've got Record of Lodoss War, Ninja Scroll, Gundam Wing Zero and Endless Waltz, Samurai Troopers, Gun Grave, Vampire Hunter D, Robot Carnival, Judge, 8 Man, the SF animes, and Tank Police. Whatelse should I be watching to expand my anime library?


Took a trip down memory lane with dark souls 3 multiplayer. What are your fondest online coop memories and what game?


Really hope that the Trials of Mana remake OST has that same progress/space opera melody that -some- of the SoM Remake has. I'm hoping that the Sacrifice theme gets it remake justice


All I'm gonna say is Bloodstained is Aria of Sorrow having a beautiful baby with SotN.


I told my wife if she played my top 5 RPGs then I would read her top 5 books. Final Fantasy Tactics, Baldurs Gate, Breath of Fire III, Final Fantasy IX, Castlevania SotN


If Cadence of Hyrule isnt your type of gameplay at least pick up that soundtrack. FamilyJules is the guitarist and it's amazing


Was reading the comments posted on the Shenmue 3 kickstarter..whhhewwwwww people are pissed


Finally beat octopath! Hmmm what to play before Tuesday...probably Seiken Denset..erm Trials of Mana


I dont know why Square did this but the Trials of Mana remake will be single player only :/ however, the producer of the Mana series brought up that if it sells well then there will be talks of other Mana remasters like Legend of Mana


Nintendo you crafty bastards holding out. That's how E3 should be. No 4 to 5 year announcements just show us the games and give us a solid release date.


Completely wasted and of all games I'm playing and trying to finish Octopath gah 91 hours in! What are your favorite games to play completely inebriated? My first love of of being totally fucked up and playing games was FF XI


Awwww mannnnnnnn Bloodstained sooon


Got a new gaming laptop. Getting Launchbox all set up and ready to go. I've been thinking about getting back into Fallout 4 and/or Skyrim to kill time at work. Does anyone out there have any good mod recommendations?


Almost done with Octopath and Nioh. Finishing up hopefully just before Bloodstained comes out. Wooooooooooo!


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