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These games really did bring me a ton of joy. The sense of adventure in NMS and Black Flag, the meandering colourful story of Y0, pure addictive adrenaline of OnRush, the arena action of H5. Great times.


#PokemonGo #PSA: you only have two days left to remove Frustration from your shadow Pokemon using a Charged TM.


Happy birthday Flanx! I hope you had a great one and have a much better year ahead! 🥳🎂


Happy birthdays, Cloudman Sam & Deadmoon! I hope your cakes were tasty and fun was had celebrating 🥳🎂


Chris and DeScruff, you both have warm, beautiful souls. Keep shining on! Happy birthdays and enjoy some tasty bday treats!


Have a pleasant birthday, Charlton. You're an inspiration to all us mere mortals.


Me waiting for Moyse or Marzano to post the article.


The Council demands sacrifices be made. Literally this time.


The day is upon us! Death to Marios!


That feeling in Halo when you're trying to get unstuck again after letting the computer drive. It hasn't worked out once like you hoped in the last two decades, but still you foolishly jump on the turret. What is wrong with you? Why are you like this?


Ela Bosak is the only operator smart enough to put an extended barrel on a shotgun. #womantoid


I highly recommend Golf Story. The game is legit hilarious and the golfing mechanics control exactly how you'd hope them to play. A perfect Switch game. Can't wait for Sports Story whenever it finally drops too. #indietoid


I feel like there's a bunch of you who would appreciate this cosplaying snowboarder.


The Sony first-party developed MLB The Show 2021 is coming to Xbox. This year continues to make no sense at all.


When I bought my Switch back in January, I was a little worried I wouldn't end up playing it all that much. El oh elle. Also really need to get back on BotW and finish it one of these days. Such a timesink!


This is why I wait for the Puzzle of the Year editions. Let all the issues in the box get sorted out first.


Those are tears of sadness but also tears from laughing way too damn hard. An absolutely wonderful send-off for Podtoid. Thank you Charlotte, Chris, CJ, Dan & Occams for the company & giving me something to smile about every week <3


Happy birthday (& belated birthdays) NeoTurbo, Flanx & indigit4l from me and the boys! I hope all had lovely celebrations with plenty of cake.


Happy birthday Cloudman Sam & Deadmoon! Enjoy your cakes and celebrate the night away!


Happy birthday Chris & DeScruff! May your days be filled with delicious pastries and love!


Does Maynards know something we don't? I guess for some reason I was thinking Halo Infinite was getting pushed deeper into 2021 than it probably is. Maybe we'll get part of it in January?


Happy birthday Mike from me and the boys! All the love and cake for you today!


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