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10 More Things About Cataract

I figured since I haven't written anything on Destructoid's Cblogs in ages, I might as well hop on with the fact that the "10 Things" blogs are popping up again. Because why the fuck not, am I right? 10. I've lost a lot of weight this yea...


Another average day at work.

Side note: I originally wrote about this on my Tumblr, then after posting it a few other places, decided you folks might enjoy. Side side note: To put things into perspective, I work in an independent retro gaming store. I love my job, and...

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Burnt out, but why?

(Copied from my Tumblr, then into IE, then through a hoop on fire) It's weird. I've been a gamer all my life. I picked up a controller at the age of 2 to play Dragon Warrior on the NES, and since then, I haven't stopped gaming. It's always...


Dear Destructoid: We have a problem.

Now, the first thing that anyone is going to notice in this blog is the formatting. Yes, I am writing this blog in Google Chrome, and I am doing it on purpose. Google Chrome is, as most of you may know, a web browser released by Google las...


I'm on TV, meng! Also, SF4 tournaments.

Well, I will be at least. Back in March, I went on MTV for a game show called Silent Library. I had a blast, and my episode is finally airing today at 5:30 PM (check for local times, I just know 5:30 EST for a definite). The basic premise i...


DSi? I picked up a different portable instead.

Well, this past weekend I got the chance to go and visit a few friends of mine at a gaming store called Digital Press. At the end of every month, they host a get together/mini party which features tournaments, snacks, and such. One of the r...


I don't ask much from you guys...

...but I think I've earned a "ask Dtoid for help" moment. Earlier today, I was playing my Dreamcast. It's always had an issue where unless the controller cord was positioned perfectly in the console (sometimes to the point where I need to...


Thinking about buying the Ys remake for the DS?

Well, if you were on the fence about buying it, hopefully this will help sway your decision a bit. According to Atlus, they are going to be giving away free soundtrack CD's of Ys 1 and 2 upon pre-ordering the game. From the email: "As if ...


Reminder: Be a Secret Santa this year!

As many of you may have heard or seen by now, I'm organizing a Destructoid Secret Santa. Now, for all the comments of people saying they want to join in it, only 5 of you have sent me an e-mail. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed (and yes...


Dtoid Secret Santa!

Dear Destructoid, what do you want for Christmas? Alright, now how much on that list can I send to you without getting put in prison? All/some joking aside, I thought I would organize a "Secret Santa" for Destructoid this year, since I can...


Ikaruga: My anti-shmup.

Hard shmup is hard. But seriously though, holy crap am I sucking at Ikaruga right now. Now, I have no problem getting through DoDonPachi on 4 credits on a MAME cabinet (which is much more impressive than it sounds, trust me), but I can't ...


About Cataractone of us since 4:08 PM on 12.09.2007

I joined up Dtoid a while back, left for a while, and now I'm partially back. Kinda.

I love fighting games, shmups, chocolate milk, things that are bad for you, and drinking games.
Xbox LIVE:Cataractula
Steam ID:Cataract1


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