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Let's party like it's 2006

If you've been a gamer for a while, chances are you've experienced two of the best years in gaming: 1999 and 2006. People seem to agree that in those two years, games were at their peak.  1999 was a revolutionary time. 3...


That Jojo finale. Josuke is best Jojo.


Curious console ports of classic PC games

When we look back fondly to the 90s and early 2000s we remember beloved titles like Quake, Doom and Deus Ex. What we may not remember are the slapdash, shoddy and rushed ports of these games to console that failed to do the originals j...


$2 Games - Part 1: The search for cheap crap

I have no idea if there will be a part two to this, FYI. I recently walked into an EB Games (Gamestop's Canadian name) and recently found a bin of $2 games. I ravaged the selection and walked out with a bunch of great games, and some I...


Surrealism in Video Games

While we're still probably years off from Death Stranding's launch, a lot of people are speculating as to what the story might entail. Some people think the game takes place in purgatory, where the characters are suck in between life a...


Have no idea how Death Stranding will turn out, but if video games ever fail him, he should end up working in film. Or, at the very least, make trailers for a living.


Did anyone else play Neon Struct?


Just rewatched the last four episodes of Jojo: Stardust Crusaders so I could hear Dio repeat "ZA WARUDO" over and over again.


Man, it's been ages since I've used Qtoid or CBlogs. They still any good?


Some of my favourite games and why they matter

I recently watched this video about the original Thief game, and how original, experimental, and exciting it was, and how modern games lack many of the elements that made the original Thief great. My takeaway from it is that modern games ar...


Video games go mainstream

[This article was written as a final assignment for a news gathering class and was written for an non-gaming audience. Enjoy.] The biggest entertainment launch of the year isn’t a movie or book, but a video game, showing how a rapidly evo...


After reading a blog post about DMC4 I decided to watch all the cutscenes on Youtube. Tried the games years ago and couldn't get into them, but man that shit was stylish. Likeable protagonists, intense drama... still think DmC reboot wasn't that bad tho.


Working on two blog-pieces. 1) On how video games are so expensive (related to previous piece someone else did on emulating) and 2) on how much goddam money Activision is making these days.


Can games like... not be $80?


Busy week, no time to review the Steam game I wanted to, so instead I'll do a free highlight for some random visual novel that I love because TIME.


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