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Finally getting around to playing Nier Automata. Any beginner tips?


I finished Cyberpunk 2070, and I have thoughts. And spoilers. It's a good game, a solid 8/10. I hope they make a sequel, odds are they can make it considerably better second time around.


Major early game Cyberpunk 2077 spoilers in the comments.


Anyone played Resident Evil 8 on a 1060 PC? How did it go? It's currently on sale on both PC and PS5, and I'm debating if I should pay extra for the PS5 version or if I can save the money and have a good experience with my PC.


Taking my first steps in the infamous world of Cyberpunk 2077. So far it's off to a great start, which is to say it runs well on my 1060 laptop.


Anyone recommends Last of Us 2? Tempted to get it on sale. I liked the first one, but wasn't super in love with it.


Currently in chapter 10 of Valkyria Chronicles 4. It's been a while Since I had such anime overload. I feel the game would be better and more strategic if you could only move each unit once like such games usually go.


I really wish videogames gave me the option to just let the morons who rush ahead and fuck everything up die.


After replaying the DS trilogy, platinum Demon's remake, Platinum Elden ring, then starting the DS trilogy backwards, Platinum DS3 and playing 2 up to Shrine of Amana, I may have finally had enough Souls.


Playing the Souls games backwards, you notice some of the smaller later improvements more prominently after losing them, but the older games still hold up phenomenally well. May even be better in some aspects.


After 200 Elden Ring hours and a Platinum Trophy,I figured it's time to take a break and play something else. Upon further consideration, I realized I figured wrong and still want to play Elden Ring! As they say, the heart wants what the heart wants.


Turns out I didn't have as much fun with Malenia as I thought lol. After fighting her as a phantom a few times, when it came time to kill her for good some sort of weird glitch happened and I skipped her phase 2.


At last, I met the famous Malenia! I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together!


Guess Who's the idiot who thought he'd sold Aurelia and turns out she was just long forgotten in his bottomless chest?


It's the year of our lord 2054. CaimDark is still not finished with his first Elden Ring Playthrough.


I decide to tackle my gaming hoarding issues and sell useless stuff cluttering my Elden Ring inventory, like early game equipment and ashes. 100 hours later, I find out one of those ashes, gone forever, is the key to a Dungeon.


I've been exploring everything in Elden Ring, which made me overleveled and I started crushing things without too much trouble. Started fantasizing about stomping my way to Elden Lord like a boss. Then I met the Mountaintop of the Giants. Yikes!


My dream game is now a narrative driven RPG that marries the best of The Witcher 3's story and character strengths with the best of Elden Ring's gameplay.


Somehow I prevailed against 2 Tree sentinels without phantoms fighting alongside me, and it only took me... 4 attempts. Assholes. My lowly wretch has come a long way!


Random Elden Ring Thought: Thank the stars it allows for remapping buttons on console. I don't think my brain could have handled the interact button on triangle rather than X. Does this mean I had to get used to using X to dual wield, but that's better.


I never expected all the fingers chatter I keep hearing both in and out of the game to be quite so...literal.


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