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Lol, I completely forgot Patches hates clerics and said yes when he asked if I was one. Oopsie!


12 years later, Anor Londo is still majestic. Except for those greatbow archers. They can go die in a fire.


I took Dark Souls Remastered for a spin to see how it felt after so long, suddenly I'm already in the Darkroot Basin. A steady 60 fps makes such a big difference. Bummer the servers are still not back up, maybe dtoid staff can pester Namco about it!


Does filling up an SSD affect performance? Does it matter if my 200gb SSD has 20gb or 60gb of free space? Google gave me conflicting answers.


Tried a bit more Elden Ring, performance seems to be a bit better, then I got thr horse and galloping around often gets me sub 30 fps and jarring slowdowns. I'm torn between wanting to play the game and not wanting to have a subpar experience.


I haven't played a Total War game since Rome. I've had some in my backlog for ages but always pass them over. Think I'll finally dive into it again with Warhammer 2. Wish me luck!


Finished Wasteland 3! Good stuff. I got the side with the Patriarch and stay in Colorado ending. Which ending did you (yes, you!) get?


I got to the part in Wasteland 3 you meet the crazies who worship "god-president Reagan" and I sometimes can't decide if it's hilarious or depressingly real. Probably both.


Good news, Elden Ring does run alright on my 1060. Bad news, the performance issues are bad, with random, jarring fps drops to sub 15 even when I'm just trying out moves in an empty corridor. There also other problems like bloodstains just not working.


The multitude of reports that Elden ring runs like shit even on high end systems and the "mixed" Steam reviews of such a beloved title, largely due to technical problems, don't exactly fill me with confidence. Guess I'll be waiting for the first patch.


I finally settled on a Starting party for Wasteland 3. Only took me 3 days. Go me!


Did anyone here play The Surge 2, and if so, would you recommend it to someone who didn't particularly like The Surge 1?


Code Vein is finished, just in time for Elden Ring Shenanigans! If you like Soulsborne and anime, or just Soulsborne, and are looking for another way to scratch that itch after burning out on Elden Ring, you could do much worse than this.


In my head, I thought I'd played Spyro back in the PS1 days. After playing Reignited yesterday, I'm not sure anymore. I couldn't remember ANYTHING and it wasn't as I expected it was. Not sure if I never played it and thought I did, or just forgot. Weird.


I'm more into Code Vein now than I was into Dark Souls 3 when it launched. Not because it's better, I probably was just saturated after countless hours of Soulsbornes. The extended break from the formula seems to have been good.


I'm having a pretty good time with Code Vein. A competent Souls-like in anime trappings? Totally my jam!


Finished Metro Exodus! Glad to say it delivers. After somewhat of a slow start, I quickly got invested in it once the story got going and the world opened up. The ending wasn't exactly surprising, but still made me feel feels.


I finally realized clogging my Epic Store library with dozens of free games I'll never, ever play out of sheer FOMO isn't actually a good idea and only makes it harder to find the things I actually care about. Took me a while, but I got there. Go me!


As a fan of the previous games, Metro Exodus looks good, but it's jarring that Artyom is silent when there's so much dialogue. There are even awkward pauses, like people are waiting for you to finish talking before they continue. Bizarre design choice.


I was just reminded that Star Citizen has been "in development"(?) for over 10 years and raised nearly half a BILLION dollars. Somehow, it's still raising money. This is either a massive development failure or an incredibly successful scam.


I like RTS, but never played more than a few minutes of a C&C game, so no nostalgia for the series. I wonder if C&C Remaster is good enough without the nostalgia factor. Time to find out. Also cool to have a look a that piece of gaming history.


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