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Finally got around to finishing Netflix's Castlevania. Surprisingly good stuff. I'm glad they resisted the temptation to keep it going, wrapped up the story and will continue with a new series instead.


Wait, a super omega advanced AI like Cortana deteriorates after 7 years, while I've used old ass computers for that long? I call shenanigans!


Finished Halo 3. 2 was my favorite of the original trilogy. I was going to play ODST next, but I want to see what happens to MC after 3 and I'm not too excited about side stories, so I'll go straight to 4. After that I'll probably take a Halo break.


I expect to finish Halo 3 today or tomorrow, and it looks like the formula will get old before I finish the remaining MCC games, Reach, ODST and 4. Which of those have the better campaigns and stories?


I didn't realize how much of an upgrade the Anniversary Halo graphics were until I started 3, which actually looks worse.


Finished Halo 2 in one day, it engaged me much more than Halo 1. Better levels, far, far better story, a significant improvement all around. Now on to Halo 3, which, afaik, is the most beloved game in the series. About to find out why.


Halo 2 does a much better job at keeping me interested. Halo 1 there were some evil aliens killing humanity because that's what evil aliens do. 2 shows the religion and politics of the covenant races, and now I wanna see more.


It just hit me that the Arbiter's voice in Halo 2 is Mass Effect's captain Anderson's voice. Neat.


Got through Halo CE. Once I got to the Keyes mission I had the bright idea of setting the difficulty to easy, which made it much smoother. No more redoing lenghty sessions thanks to bs random 1-hit deaths or bullet sponge enemiees dragging things out.


Well, I survived the dreaded Library Halo level. I'm glad I'm not doing that again. Now I'm on the backtrack stretch. It seems there are only 3 levels left, which should probably take less than 3 hours, so I'll try to stick with it to the end.


There will come a day when I'll learn that grenades are meant to be used, not hoarded "just in case I really need them" only to go through the entire game without ever using any. But it is not this day.


Currently in the 343 Spark Halo CE mission. I'm a bit torn. It's such a big part of gaming history that I want to see it through, but it's also getting repetitive and a bit annoying. Maps mostly look the same and I often don't know where to go.


So I just saw the PC price for upcoming Squenix games and... holy freaking shit. 350 Brazilian monies, wut? To give you guys an idea how absurd that is, just a few years ago AAA games typically released here with prices in the 100s.


Had a great time replaying Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2's campaigns. Even got the Nova mission packs, but after playing 4 of the missions, burnout from all the RTSing is starting to set in.


The epilogue missions in Legacy of The Void are pretty hard!


Despite Blizzard's best efforts to ruin it, I'm having a blast playing through SC2's campaigns again. Currently on Legacy of the Void, possibly my favorite. I love the epicness of it, the characters, the spear of Adun mechanics, the units, everything!


I've killed Arcturus Mengsk several time over by now, and it feels GOOD every single time. Time to free Aiur. En Taro Tassadar!


Despite Blizzard's best efforts to break it, I managed to complete rerunning the Wings of Liberty Campaign and I'm well underway the HotS one. Unfortunate I started replaying it just when they broke the campaigns. Apparently all of them have issues now.


Blizzard somehow managed to break the Wings of Liberty campaign, a 10-year old game that never had campaign issues before. They apparently updated something behind the scenes and now the campaign doesn't play cutscenes and doesn't award credits. Yikes.


Finished replaying the original StarCraft campaign. It didn't age as well as Warcraft 3, though I might feel this way because I was never as much a fan of the original StarCraft as I was of the other games. Now replaying Wings of Liberty. Still excellent!


Currently playing Mass Recall, a mod that remakes StarCraft's campaign in the SC2 engine. Has some quirks you wouldn't find in a commercial release, but for the most part it works really well. I highly recommend it.


Finished the Bonus Horde Campaign in Frozen Throne. The narrative is still strong, but the gameplay is a bit weak, in part because you can't fail, so the stakes feel significantly less urgent.


Finished the main Frozen Throne campaign! Last undead mission is tough, I think I actually gave up the first time I played it back in the day. A bit unfortunate the Horde doesn't have a real RTS campaign, but I do like they weren't forced into the story.


Now I have to save Arthas from the Dreadlords. It's unfortunate this is a mandatory objective to continue the game. I really wanted to let that nasty asshole die!


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