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Playing the Souls games backwards, you notice some of the smaller later improvements more prominently after losing them, but the older games still hold up phenomenally well. May even be better in some aspects.


After 200 Elden Ring hours and a Platinum Trophy,I figured it's time to take a break and play something else. Upon further consideration, I realized I figured wrong and still want to play Elden Ring! As they say, the heart wants what the heart wants.


Turns out I didn't have as much fun with Malenia as I thought lol. After fighting her as a phantom a few times, when it came time to kill her for good some sort of weird glitch happened and I skipped her phase 2.


At last, I met the famous Malenia! I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun together!


Guess Who's the idiot who thought he'd sold Aurelia and turns out she was just long forgotten in his bottomless chest?


It's the year of our lord 2054. CaimDark is still not finished with his first Elden Ring Playthrough.


I decide to tackle my gaming hoarding issues and sell useless stuff cluttering my Elden Ring inventory, like early game equipment and ashes. 100 hours later, I find out one of those ashes, gone forever, is the key to a Dungeon.


I've been exploring everything in Elden Ring, which made me overleveled and I started crushing things without too much trouble. Started fantasizing about stomping my way to Elden Lord like a boss. Then I met the Mountaintop of the Giants. Yikes!


My dream game is now a narrative driven RPG that marries the best of The Witcher 3's story and character strengths with the best of Elden Ring's gameplay.


Somehow I prevailed against 2 Tree sentinels without phantoms fighting alongside me, and it only took me... 4 attempts. Assholes. My lowly wretch has come a long way!


Random Elden Ring Thought: Thank the stars it allows for remapping buttons on console. I don't think my brain could have handled the interact button on triangle rather than X. Does this mean I had to get used to using X to dual wield, but that's better.


I never expected all the fingers chatter I keep hearing both in and out of the game to be quite so...literal.


I was a bit suspicious about Elden Ring. Had concerns about the performance, the open world, the mounted combat (cheesy like The Witcher 3?), the jump button (would it break combat). After being blown away by Demon's remake, said concerned grew larger.


Is it just me too used to a different design, or does the PS5 have a bizarrely unintuitive UI? I've had to google seemingly basic stuff that should have been way more intuitive.


Just had an awesome run through Stormveil castle with a delight phantom called Burglar. He left guidance stones to highlight the way when we split up, took me back to stuff I missed, and together we defeated 3 invaders and Godrick in one go!


Survived the opening hours in the Lands Between as a Wretch, now I even have armor, shield, a bladed weapon and a bow like a proper tarnished! The cool thing about the Wretch is that everything you find is a treasured upgrade at first.


I've never done a Souls depraved run. Now that I've been getting a lot of Souls practice lately, I'll go for the ultimate tarnished experience and try the Wretch. Can I do it? Or will I restart with my tails between my legs? Time to find out!


I'm about to, finally, become a tarnished. Demon's Souls was so good, I'm a bit suspicious of the open world, hopefully it isn't a step down. I think I'll mix things up and go the magic route this time.


I was finally invaded in the Demon's Souls remake. Was crossing one of the narrow walkways in 3-2 ng+. Invader shows up. I cast a soul ray. He rolls sideways and plummets to his death. Epic duel!


My first Demons Souls run went without trouble, but ng+ is a crazy difficulty spike, far more than Dark Souls ng+. The 2-1 fat officials one-shot me, and Flamelurker is growing fat on my souls.


I really like that Demon's Souls remake replaces the awful grindy trophies of the original for skill challenges like rolling through the ballista arrows in the tower of Latria and killing bosses in a particular way.


Demon's Souls remake is incredibly beautiful in general, but why does Patches look so weird?


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