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Gaming Is Better Than Ever!

Editor's Note (I've always wanted to say that! Now I just need to squeeze in somewhere "it was touch and go for a while", and I'm all set!): Sonic429 wrote a nice blog about his gripes with the gaming industry. I set out to reply with a sma...


It Is Time To Drop The "Warning Music"

Since time immemorial, videogames have used music to warn us of impending danger. In most games where this is relevant, you always know when there are enemies around because the regular music turns into "battle music". When you clear the ro...


Fun Things About CaimDark - No Depression Edition

Hello there. Yesterday I wrote my "stuff about me" blog. It was fun, and some of you seem to to have liked it. However, when I started writing about depressive stuff I got a little carried away and left out some of the more interesting and/...


How To Fix Nintendo

Just kidding! This is really just my "10 things about me blog" :) 1: I'm a fiercely private person. pictured: not me. I've been an active member of Dtoid for the past two years or so, but you probably don't know as much about me as you ...


Internet Pet Peeve: Tone Deaf

This is a very important blog. It is, in fact, the most important thing you'll ever read, and the  best possible way to start your holiday. This is the blog in which I, better known to you as "random Internet dude", reveal why I don't like ...


Why Newcomers Shouldn't Be Afraid of Dark Souls

"It's really not that hard". I'm sure you've heard that uttered by "Dark Souls elitists", and if you've never played a Souls game but hear all the time about how terribly difficult it is, there's a good chance you sneer when you hear that. ...


This Kickstarter Deserves Your Attention

After backing 4 of the earlier Kickstarters (Wasteland 2, Project Eternity, Dreamfall, Torment), I said "enough is enough" and passed over many interesting games. However, it's now 2014, some of those games are close to completion, and I'm ...


Nintendo: I'm Officially Concerned

Haters, rejoice! Nintendo has updated their financial forecast for this fiscal year, and things are much worse than expected. Wii U and 3DS sales forecasts were respectively revised to 2.8m and 13.5m, down from the previously expected 9m an...


A Look At Gaming Tastes in Five Different Countries

We gamers love to talk about what's selling and what's not. Actually, scratch that. Not just gamers, it seems to be a human phenomenon. Box office and music charts are regularly reported in the mainstream media. I'm not sure why we're so fa...


Can Game Critics Enjoy Games Like "Normal" Gamers?

This is something I have sometimes wondered, but the question has been coming up more and more often. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, game writing, such as reviews, were mostly limited to the games themselves. Fun factor, gameplay mech...


In Memoriam Dead Space

Yesterday I finished Dead Space 3, and most likely bid farewell to Isaac Clarke and his Necromorph friends, thanks to EA's attempt to broaden the audience, because lord knows modern games absolutely cannot survive with anything less than fi...


Inclusivity and "Isms": I'm Done

Who wants inclusivity in games? You'd think most people, particularly those loudly advocating for it. When this started to become a prominent part of online game communities, I welcomed it, and happily engaged in the debate. But soon, not o...


Facts About Game Critics I Learned Reading Them

It's that time of the year when we all share with the world what we learned while... doing stuff. Joshua Derocher shared with us what he learned about moro, er, normal people while working retail, while CrackedBat taught us what he learned ...


About CaimDarkone of us since 11:02 AM on 08.19.2011

I am a Brazilian student in Norway. I also happen to really, really like games! I'm a huge RPG fan, especially JRPGs and party-based WRPGs, but I also enjoy nearly every genre, from Mario Kart to Limbo to Bulletstorm.


Fatal Frame 2
Dungeons And Dragons Chronicles of Mystara
Silent Hill Downpour
Anarchy Reigns
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Crysis 3
X-com Bureau Declassified
Dust Elysian Tail
Tokyo Jungle
Plants vs Zombies
Dante's Inferno
Retro City Rampage
Batman Arkham Origins
Rayman Legends
Splinter Cell Blacklist
X-Com Enemy Unknown
Castlevania Lords of Shadow Trilogy
Deus EX The Fall
The Saboteur
X-Com Enemy Within
Crimson Gem Saga
Riviera The Promised Land
Knights in the Nightmare
Hexyz force
Growlanser Wayfarer of Time
Class of Heroes
Battlefield 3
Heroes VI
Metal Gear Revengeance
Sniper Elite V2
Pikmin 3
Velvet Assassin

Currently playing (as of 12/06/2014): Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Mario Kart 8, Chronicles of Mystara

My 3DS code: 3995-6846-8256. For some reason it doesn't appear in the player profile.
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