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Warchief Orgrim Dooomhammer ordered me to destroy the puny human alliance, and that's exactly what I did. Warcraft 2's Orc campaign is done as well. Onward to Beyond the Dark Portal!


I'll be damned, over here some Epic Store exclusives are in fact cheaper than what I'd expect them to cost on Steam, sometimes significantly so. Now THAT... is a rather compelling argument.


I just finished Warcraft 2's human campaign. I started it as a nostalgia trip, not really committed to finishing the whole thing, but it just felt so good, I kept going.


I bought a lottery ticket. I did not win. Why does god hate me?


Checked out Warcraft 1 for the first time. It's basically unplayable, you can't even move the units without using the keyboard. And it's ugly as hell. It's amazing that WC2 came out just a year later, it feels like a generation apart in every way.


When I played Starcraft remastered,I was so used to the SC2 UI enhancements that it felt nigh unplayable and I gave up replaying the campaign. Yet, now I'm playing Warcraft 2 and feeling right at home. Odd.


What did you guys play in August and which was your favorite? I finished the Van Helsing trilogy and Steins Gate. VH is good, but my GOTM is easily Steins Gate. El. Psy. Kongroo.


Really impressive how good Warcraft 2 looks on a modern screen. Hats off to GOG. What a trip down memory lane. Those sound effects, man.


Apparently Telltale's "revival", if you can really call it that, is somehow controversial and some people are angry about it because... hell if I know. Maybe because it's 2019 and we've all been conditioned to always be angry at something.


Some time ago I bought the Kane & Lynch games for a few cents each out of morbid curiosity. Said curiosity has now been duly sated.


Finally got around to trying Red Faction: Guerilla. Took me almost 10 years after I added it to my library to finally play it, a little over an hour to grow bored and give up on it.


Officially done with Steins Gate. Highly recommended. I got 4 of the 6 endings. The remaining 2 were too much work, so I looked them up online.


3 Steins Gate endings down, 3 to go, I think. It's great, but it's starting to drag a bit. This is one longass VN. Or maybe it's standard for the genre? It's my first "pure" VN.


Steins Gate ended quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I'm guessing there's quite a bit more to it in the other endings. I'll probably try to unlock a few others and read about the rest online.


Pro-tip: if you're an European leader and serious about helping the Amazon, don't threaten international intervention. Colonial wounds are far from healed around here, and that kind of talk plays right into our mini-Trump's hands.


Me yesterday at midnight playing Steins Gate: "I'm just gonna finish this chapter and go to bed". Next thing I know it's 6 am and my day starts in a couple hours. Oh crap.


Today I read the entire day. Too bad it was Steins Gate instead of the stuff I actually need to read.


Good thing I was warned Steins Gate take a while to get going, the opening chapters are super slow (opinion subject to change).


I finished the surprisingly good Van Helsing trilogy and started Steins Gate. Hopefully it's as good as they say.


Even people on Steam I haven't talked to in ages, one from as far away as the Philippines, are asking me about the Amazon. I guess it's an even bigger deal than I thought in the international media.


I hereby order Scarlet Johanson to have sex with me.


Trump actually canceled a visit to Denmark because they didn't take his whim to buy Greenland seriously. I thought he was joking, given the sheer absurdity even by his standards. What a bizarre timeline.


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