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I've been watching Law and Order SVU for 20 seasons, and somehow I'm still not tired of it.


I had a good time with Risen in 2009 and Risen 2 in 2011 (and apparently I was the only one!). Risen 3 isn't necessarily worse, but after 5-6 hours it's clear that my expectations have changed in 2019 and it doesn't work for me anymore. Moving on.


You know how, when you have a companion, they're typically mostly for flavor and utterly useless in combat? Risen 3 seems to turn that idea around, making you useless and your companion powerful. So far I've mostly been dodging enemies while he kills them


Continuing my backlog deep dive, I just finished Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. It was... good? Really good, even. I haven't heard good things about this series, so that was a nice surprise.


Man,I really wanted to like Alien Isolation, but it doesn't really work for me. Way too frustrating. I might power through to the end if it was a 5-10 hour game (I'd even be close to the end already),but I don't see myself doing this for 20+ hours. Shame.


Giving Alien isolation another shot. I remember playing 1 or 2 hours, but don't remember why I stopped. Possibly another game stole my attention away.


I ran Steam idlemaster and dropped 90 cards. Is there a recommended time to sell them, like during a sale, right before or after, or it doesn't matter?


Starcraft 2 ruined old RTS games for me. Try as I might,I can't stand their bad controls and UI anymore.


Unsurprisingly, watching or reading Sherlock Holmes is a lot more fun than playing Sherlock Holmes.


Is Tropico 5 worth a shot if I haven't played a city builder in decades and am only interested in the campaign?


So, turns out being on vacation and playing videogames all day long is pretty great!


What's the state of Wii U emulation these days? Is there anything already anything reliable like Dolphin?


I'm not going to renew my Plus subscription when it expires in 20 days, so I've been checking out the plus games I'm curious about. So far nothing has kept my interest for more than 1 or 2 hours. Maybe Soma will do the trick?


I've been crossing games off my backlog the last couple days. Tried timeshift, gave up, then The Surge (it's promising but not what I'm looking for at the moment),now gonna try Styx. Anybody played it?


After 4 hours, the great Timeshift experiment comes to an end. I suppose I could play maybe 4 more hours and get the satisfaction of finishing it, but there's no point. Fun fact: nobody else in my Steam friend list owns this game. I have smart friends.


I saw a red barrel with the fire symbol on it, I shot it repeatedly, and it DID. NOT. EXPLODE. There's something seriously wrong with this game.


Dug deep into the backlog and ended up fishing Timeshift, a last gen shooter that still has the Sierra logo, making it feel even more ancient.


What do you do when a giant monster who pushes trees aside like it's nothing is coming for you? Why, you stay where you are and put some furniture on the doors and windows. What could possibly go wrong.


Bravely Second is done! It's an overall better game than the first, but the story is a significant step down. Whatever happened to the series? The games were quite successful, but I've heard no talk of a third entry. I hope it happens eventually.


Is there ANY American TV show where Russians aren't gratuitously evil and sadistic?


In Chapter 5 bravely second. I've been playing the series nonstop since the previous game. I think burnout is starting to set in.


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