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I just scored this from Craig's List from a person named Craig. Thanks Craig if you're out there haha. I've played several of these on PC but FF7 just finished installing :)


I just scored this from Craig's List from a person named Craig. Thanks Craig if you're out there haha. I've played several of these on PC but FF7 just finished installing :)


Has anyone sold their PC to buy a new console? I'm thinking of doing that and wondering if there is anything I should consider. Feels kind of wrong, but also not because Windows 10 :D. I have an i7-4770k and a GTX 1080 installed.


Character design tier list. Snake and Samus are behind the logo.


It's nap-time and we're listening to King Diamond live because Youtube peers into my soul to know what I need to listen to next. Also who else is hyped for project Triangle Strategy?


Hey everybody! I finished Atomicrops this week; just the first year I don't do that never-ending game bullshit. It's a superlatively great time! Though the controls take a bit of getting used to on Switch. Okay off to Ashes of Ariandel, see you in hell!


So after playing a lot of RPGs the last few months I want...more RPGs! But I'm trying to decide between a few "different" ones since I've mostly played big budget games lately. Anyway: Oneshot, Hylics, or Omori (just released on PC)? Any recommendations?


Downloaded Witcheye on Switch. It's pretty awesome, glad it didn't get stuck in mobile gaming purgatory. The central mechanic is really fun and unique, reminds me a bit of Celeste+Kirby Canvas Curse but honestly different than either.


Metal music fans of Dtoid: come at me with your favorite records of late. Bonus points for good/creative drummers. I must find my br00tal family.\m/


Made the lazy-man's decision and switched to couch gaming for my PC. After selling my monitor I was able to go kinda wild on a lap setup and got into mechanical keyboards... Also documenting the kitten still being cuddly and small.


Two newest members of the family.


Just here to show off my redone stick. I swapped Sanwa Denshi buttons out for Seimitsu and I added a clear bat-top for that american feel.


Just finished my first arcade stick custom art installation. Art by the fantastic Kinu Nishimura. It's an unfinished piece of hers, but I love it anyway.


So I took advantage of microfsoft's basically free upgrade to a ($59) custom painted Bluetooth xbox one controller...the color is supposed to be lightning yellow and if you expect lightning to be neon...it's not. Grocery store banana is the actual color.


Got my hands on an Atari Jaguar at a retro gaming expo. First time playing that console! It looks cool, but the d-pad is a bit not good. I tried out Pitfall which was okay, the enemies re-spawn way too easily though, always a frustration in older games.


Friend's 30th last night. Too hungover to do programming homework. Wind Waker instead? Yes.


Just bought a copy of Darkest Dungeon for switch off eBay. We'll see if my insanity meter will be able to handle the city bus and this game at the same time.


First quickpost! I start school for game development next week I'm freaking out y'all! Dragon Quest is pretty, but the story and characters are a bit boring so far. Guess I'll keep playing it for the shiny graphics and awesome monster designs/puff-puff...


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Hidetaka Miyazaki is my favorite current game director, also loved Death Stranding.