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Hey there folks. Ooktar here telling y'all to come and cool off a bit with Comments of the Week.


Hey you all! Xeo here, just posted up this week's Comments of the Week blog. It was a doozy being E3 week, hope you all enjoy it!


Comments of the Week 55: As My Wallet Gently Weeps

The Aftermath of the Storm Hello again Destructoid! Xeo here once again come at your eyeballs fresh off of E3. There's been a lot of ground to cover this week so I apologize if I missed one of your gems. The site was exploding with ac...


Surprise! A special E3 edition of COTW that focuses on Nintendo is going live in a few! Apologies for the lateness but it's here now! Get it while it's hot!-Goof


Comments of the E3 2018: Nintendo Presentation

Hey everybody! It's your boy GoofierBrute, here to tell you guys all about the crazy comments that you all made during the Super Smash Bros. Direct-I mean, Nintendo's E3 press conference. This was original going to go up a lot sooner ...

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Hey Gang! We've been delayed a bit with the E3-specials but the Sony edition should be up shortly. Cheers! -Tree

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Comments of the E3 2018: Devolver Digital Presentation

Nina Struthers please marry me. Okay folks, that's it, E3 is over. Well... okay not really, but it minus well be since like last year Devolver stole the show with their once again over the top presentation. Hosted by the incredible Ni...


Howdy folks. Ooktar here letting you know that Comments of E3 for the Devolver conference, aka the best conference, will be up shortly.


Hey it's Limo here, been hard at work compiling the Microsoft Live Blog comments. Hope you enjoy, it'll be live in one minute!

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Perro here gain, hope y'all enjoyed the E3 presentations tonight! As a special surprise take a moment to enjoy some highlights from the Bethesda conference from yours truly coming at you in a few minutes!


Comments of the E3 2018: Bethesda Presentation

Welcome back y'all! Perro here, and my what a presentation that was from Bethesda? Wasn't it? No really, it was and wasn't. I didn't get my wish for a Fallout 3 Anniversary edition but there was plenty to probably be excited about, ri...


Hey Dtoid, it's your boy GoofierBrute here. COTW will be going live at 11 AM Pacific Time, so look forward to that if you've got time to kill before Microsoft's press conference. (Edit: It's live people! Get it while it's hot!)


Comments of the Week 54: The Calm Before The Storm

Hello, hello everybody, and welcome to a brand new Comments of the Week! It's your boy GoofierBrute, here to blind you with science as we take a look at the darndest things you said during the last week!  At the time this first g...


Hey all! Perro here! We know you all enjoyed the great EA presentation that occurred this afternoon, but what's better than reliving a great E3 livestream than to relive them through the reactions of the Dtoid community? Find out with an E3 special COTW!

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Comments of the Week 53: Agony

A truly torturous game Don't play Agony. Just don't do it.  It's a lurid, gory dumpster-fire of a game, where textures look reminiscent of the Playstation 2 and level design is as uninteresting as my sex life. It's...


What's that? Comments of the Week on a Sunday? Come take a look in 5 minutes!

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Hey gang! Comments of the Week for last week is finally going up! Cheers! -Tree

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Hey guys, Xeo here. My very first attempt at the CotW blog just went live! I hope you all enjoy it. Please excuse any mistakes, of which there are probably several.

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