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Hey there everybody. It's ooktar taking the wheel of the COTW machine for the first time. I got a hot and ready edition of Comments of the Week served up for you all to indulge in. Please enjoy.


What's up y'all! Perro here, letting you know to expect the next edition of Comments of the Week to go live today at 12PM EST!


Put aside all your unpopular opinions, and come stay fresh with these off the hook Comments of the Week!


It's coming out in about half an hour I swear.


Greetings meatbags! New edition of Comments of the Week should be up in 5 minutes. Look forward to it! Or you know.. don't.. it's not like I want you all to look forward to it or anything.. baka. - Tree


Hiya everyone! We here at Comments of the Week would like ask the community(you guys!), if anyone has any interest in wanting to host this thing with us? We could use a few extra hands! Leave a comment in replies, if you're potentially up for it! - Tre


Last Week's edition of Comments of the Week has been delayed 'till Wednesday, we are sorry for the inconvenience. (not sorry) :-) -FPT

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Grab a buddy and check out the new Comments of the Week! Sorry for the delay, someone was too cooked-out from the holiday weekend to finish it last night.


Comments of the Week, crumpets and tea on a Sunday is the best way to end your week.


It's time! Comments of the Week is out!


ZombZ is done. He's finished. Witness his demise in the CBLOGS.


Hey! It's me, Gmana. Comments of the Week will be up shortly!

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