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Happy Singles Awareness Day!


This movie looks sick


Alright which one of y'alls car is this


It's wild that Nintendo added Gameboy games to NSO but not a single Pokémon entry. Especially the expansion pass. Throw Emerald on there and people would throw money at the screen.


Just finished Persona 4 Golden. Excellent game. I was really afraid I wouldn't like since I started with P5R, but it totally holds up! AMA about it if you like. Might try Soul Hackers 2 next.


What video game has had its formula copied the most times? Rogue? Metroid? DOOM? Something else? What do you think?


I'm calling it now: Fashion Dreamer is GOTY 2023


Was there ever a Persona 1 or 2?


Apparently Ant-Man is promoting his autobiography on his new movie. A Marvel actually wrote this biography and is selling it. I love that so much. I hope there's an audibook read by Paul Rudd.


It's time for another mini review of a tabletop roleplaying game that isn't published by a billion dollar corporation! Let's talk about Honey Heist, one of the silliest games ever. Check it out in the comments. #ttrpgquicklook


TIL that this is the same actor who played Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager.


My fart will go on


Man, inflation is causing game prices to skyrocket. Sonic is being hit the worst. Prices through the roof! Don't believe me? Fact check me. Google "sonic inflation" and you'll see what I mean.


I've got another update related to the nonsense going on with Wizards of the Coast and D&D. It's a doozy and might be the last one for awhile. Details in the comments.


Remember when "gamer girl bathwater" was a thing? It's back, in Mouse form.


Just finished Lil Gator Game. It's a short, cute, cozy game. Reminiscent of A Short Hike, but with a good splash of BOTW thrown in.


It's time for another mini-review of a tabletop roleplaying game that isn't published by a billion dollar corporation! Check out my thoughts on Cthulhu Dark in the comments. #ttrpgquicklook


Were you a teenager who used Facebook around 2008? If so, you really need to play Emily is Away <3. It's an experience. I'll tell you about it in the comments.


Time for another update about Wizards of the Coast, D&D, and the OGL controversy. I'll put it in the comments for those interested.


Amazon is getting rid of AmazonSmile. Like, the one good thing they did for the world.


Hey, we're buying a company with 9,500 employees. Gotta make room! Let's can 10,000 employees before the new ones get over here.


Played Road 96 over the weekend. It's kind of brilliant. It's a Roguelike story game. Which makes no sense when you hear that. But they made it work! Took me like 10 hours or so to play through. Not a hard game. Thoroughly recommend.


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