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I would like The Orange Box to be Remastered on next gen consoles so we can play it without all the load times.


Trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is up! I think it looks like a good time


After playing Reach, I thought I might try playing through 4 (only played it once, at launch). I just can't do it! This game sucks so hard!


Finished playing through Reach. It still has the most gorgeous sky boxes of any game I've played.


Knives Out was a good time. Everything you could want in a murder mystery.


I have the high ground!


Apparently The Mandalorian uses the Unreal Engine to real-time render thing during filming. Listen at 25:03 for how Favreau explains it. It's incredible to see that video games can bring cinema to life


PSA: Amazon has a bunch of strategy board games on a really good sale. I'd highly recommend Kingdomino


John Boyega seems like a cool dude


This never ceases to amuse me


The elementary school where I attended in 5th and 6th grades is shutting down. I also worked there as an assistant custodian for a couple years in high school. It was a big part of my life. I'm sad about it.


The next Bond film should have Daniel Craig time travel back to the 60s and work with an older Bond. He doesn't have access to modern tech. But he gets to work with ridiculous gadgets.


Bioshock, but it takes place deep under the earth. Turns out the hollow earth theory was right all along.


Depends... is the girlfriend named Sakurai?


I'll throw Four Dead Cheerleaders by Dropkick in the ring


When you see Torch's parents on Nextdoor


Happy Gronksgiving to you!


I can shitpost all day!


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