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why am i laughing so hard at this i'm literally wheezing


Y'all remember like 2 1/2 years ago when lots of people were convinced that Microsoft was pulling out of the console industry? Been a wild couple of years since then.


Okay Phil Spencer. You now have one job. Give me a new Commander Keen game. And I don't mean any of this mobile, free-to-play garbage. I mean a real, new, single-player game on PC and console.


If you're new to Sunshine like I am, you may find this helpful. It explains all the movement techniques, from basic to advanced. You will have to figure out which buttons to translate things to, but it's very helpful!


Sup. I'm Naked Nugget. Nakey Nugg for short.


How to Save Video Game Retail

Retail is a hard business, especially if you run a mom-and-pop shop. You simply cannot compete with Wal-Mart, Target, and Amazon. Even Gamestop, a massive, international operation, is struggling. Things are only going to get harder in ...


This is Disintegration, singing to its Devs and publisher.


McDonald's has Spicy Mcnuggets now. I tried them! I'll put my thoughts in the comments.


I bought a couple pizzas on Monday. Had leftovers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Now I'm sad that I'm out of Pizza. Pizza is so friggin good.


lol shots fired


Hogwarts Legacy isn't gonna be a Live Service game, is it?


PLEASE tell me that's a timed exclusive, not a permanent one!


Fine, I'll do #OPtoid here is the theme to the most anime movie ever


Okay, this got a chuckle out of me


It's here! I don't wanna watch it but I cannot resist!


It's almost impressive how stupid this idea would be. I hope this rumor is false.


Alanah is doing a giveaway for charity. She's giving away 2 Xbox One Xs. Just have to donate to help with the fires. Watch the video for details!


In honor of the Dune trailer that released this week, remember that Fear is the Mind Killer by listening to this glorious song


Everything changed when the gender was revealed


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