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Today only, Culver's has this thing called a "CurdBurger." That Thing on top of the beef patty is a large cheese curd. Yes, it's as good as it sounds.


Lemme tell ya, my wife is over the moon about the Animal Crossing updates. She has over 800 hours in the game already. This will easily get her well over 1000.


Just downloaded Disco Elysium on Xbox. If this doesn't live up to the hype I'm gonna be SO mad at y'all.


I've been sick for a couple weeks and I feel like shit today. Ya know what would make my day better? Get in the comments right here and tell me something nice about yourself.


For those playing the new Metroid, I have one question. Does it live up to its name? Do you actually feel dread when playing it?


I finally finished watching Critical Role Campaign 1 (that's 115 episodes, around 3 hours each). AMA.


You're wrong. You're hot, but you're wrong.


Best part of the Smash presentation


I can't believe Captain Planet is the final Smash character!


Every time that Chrome updates and changes something, and doesn't give me an option to keep things the way they were, I get a little closer to snapping.


RIP in Peace Smash Bros


This is somehow Gaj's fault.


This is your regular reminder that healthcare is a basic human right, AND that if the U.S. were to implement universal healthcare, it would be a huge boost to the economy.


When are people gonna give this a rest already


Are these memes out of vogue yet? Either way, good morning! Have a great day and great week!


TIL that Australia once lost a war against some big, dumb birds.


I just finished Your Lie in April and now I'm REALLY going to sue y'all.


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