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You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon!


Have you all heard about these new ads in NBA 2K19? Disgusting




Blessings of Stendarr upon ye


The bastards beat Halo 5 on Legendary? Now Torchman, you must play Siege.


Saw Gattaca for the first time. Fantastic movie with thought provoking themes.


"The Not Too Distant Future" is one of my favorite phrases in cinema


Thoughts on CTR: Solid Kart racer. Fun and good looking. By the end of the evening, my wife and I were playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


Lord knows I'm no Sterling-Acolyte. But he is completely dead on about this issue. EA is just the worst. I don't think I can buy their games anymore (not that I bought many of them before).


If you want an hour of Super Mario Maker to watch in preparation for SMM2, this is the video for you


Fun fact: Crash Tean Racing on PS1 sold very well among Mormons. Mormon kids are often given Choose The Right rings to remind them to make good choices. Like a Mormon version of WWJD? bracelets. So Mormons saw a game called CTR and bought it.


This may be relevant to your interests


Utah is featured in this episode, which makes me very happy! We're the 3rd burger shown.


I got my wife to start playing BOTW! She thinks it's fun! I think it makes her even hotter. 🔥


This season of Attack on Titan.


Spoiler: Bloodstained ends with the queen trying to wash blood off her hands and and screaming "Out damned spot!"


I so desperately want to see Bernie and Trump debate each other. It would be a massacre.


Happy Father's Day!


So when are we gonna get E4?


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