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This is a Bingo card of eleemtns of the culture of me. If you share enough of these to make a bingo, congrats! We're secretly best friends!


This was in our break room at work on Thursday


The Orville Spoiler Space-"Deflectors"

Hello and welcome to this week's discussion of The Orville! If you missed last week's, you can find it here. And here is our disclaimer: Full spoilers are below. Again, the primary purpose of this series of blogs is to creat a spa...


Star Wars Episode IX: The One Featuring a Desert Planet has wrapped primary filming. Neato!




Woke up to a lot of noise at 5 this morning (apparently there was a minor earthquake). It was very shocking and made me anxious. When I went back to sleep I had a nightmare that someone broke into our house while we were in it. Now I'm really on edge.


Anyone have recommendations for a good surge protector? For my TV and consoles?


I spotted a comment from Fuzunga on Kotaku! He's cheating on us!


BoB-Three Short and Sweet Games

This month's prompt for Band of Bloggers is all about short and sweet games. There are so many options for this I didn't initially know what direction to go. I decided not to write about 1 specific game. Instead, I chose 3 games that I...


Best Buy is listing Link's Awakening Preorder price at $60. That had better just be a placeholder.


Maybe if Link's Awakening makes money, they'll also remake the Oracle games. That would be neato.




My last minute Nintendo Direct Predictions: Duke Nukem for Smash, Pikmin 7 is announced, Reggie literally transforms into a train, Switch is cancel, 4DS is announced in place of Switch, all other games cancelled to make more Mario Tennis games.


I hate the term "questionable." Everything is questionable! If a thing exists, questions can be asked about it.


TIL that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is free to watch on Crackle. Did any of y'all ever watch that show? I thought it was great. Of course, it was cancelled too soon because it was a Sci fi show on Fox.


The Shitty Beetles. Are they any good?


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