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Please tell me this is not real


TIL that a company is making an Avatar: The Last Airbender TTRPG and I'm so down for that.


Episode 1 of Loki was pretty dang cool. Right up my alley.


Apparently the Switch port of Dusk is done. They just need to nail down a release date. Neat!


Rewatching Thor: The Dark World to get ready for Loki. Question. If all the Dark Elves want is to eleminate all light in the universe (and they predate light itself), why do they have eyes?


This is great to read. Whenever I get a ps5, ratchet will be top on my list.


Hi. I'm Mr. Boxman and this is my son, Journey Greatest Hits Boxman.


These days I forget that the front page even exists. In pretty much just here for qtoid. I'm crossing my fingers that it stays working! Pic related.


Happy Memorial Day consumers! Hail the Victorious Dead by purchasing a new pickup truck, 0 down with 0% APR financing for 6 months!


Y'all do be like that


IDK if this is the very best fight scene ever, but it certainly springs to mind for me. Gotta be fairly high in the list.


Can't wait for this game


Have y'all ever watched Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts? Just finished season 1 and this show rules!


Nearly 5 years ago, I was offered a job at Goldman Sachs. Not once have I regretted turning it down. Least of all when I saw this.


Amazon is on the verge of my MGM (the movie studio). If this doesn't result in Amazon making a new Stargate TV series, I'm going to be furious.


I expect your resignation on my desk in the morning.


This looks interesting


YouTube, I'm watching people play D&D. Why are you advertising protein shakes to me?


We share 1 wall with our landlord. They recently turned that room into a basketball court and play in it EVERY day and it's super loud. So today I'm blasting them with this.


If you (like me) haven't really followed what's been going on with IGN this week, this is an excellent overview.


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