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Only you can prevent Taco Fires. Please drink Hot Sauce responsibly.


I don't always get kills as Widowmaker, but when I do they are often stolen.


All our ancestors were neckbeards and legbeards.


Blizzard puts fanbase fears to rest!


Dog made a custom controller the other day.


This be me when it came out too. Jpeg for your pleasure.


Blizzard be like: "We built a pretty big ship, but lets take on a little water and see how it goes."


I think Apples are the Golden Retriever of fruits.


Don't fight over toppings, it's the crust that makes the pizza.



(This is an uber scary Halloween story. It is not for the faint of heart, because it will fondle your brain in ways you have never experienced. Viewer discretion is advised.) The rain made the window wet like water touching glass. It w...


Halloween is the perfect time to buy a 40 and pour one out for the homies.


My dogs probably think I'm a tyrant. I threatened one today with "100 years in the cage" for acting up. They can't even grasp that in dog years.


They should make Halloween candy with braille on it so people can read while they eat.


Psychic sidekick vs. Sidekick psychic. Who would win in a checkers game to the death?!


If you accidentally hire a sidekick instead of a psychic, you're screwed. But if you hire a psychic instead of a sidekick, you're all good - they'll know you made a mistake ahead of time.


Colina: Legacy leaves me puzzled

I get it, but I don't get it. And I think that's the point? The story of Colina: Legacy is a mixture of things that includes Old God lore in one hand and the tragic life of our character Alex in the other. I am almost one-hundred perc...


Coming to a trailer park near you!


Halloween idea: Use magic to replace the flush sound of your toilet with a blood curdling scream followed by demonic chanting.


I wish my socks had ears so my GF would listen to me.


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