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Nintendo is Disney's wet dream.


Need a volunteer. Were using witchcraft to turn someone into a Sonoran Desert Toad to lick to get high. Downside is that you won't be able to get high, upside is that for every lick we will give Tucker Carlson a purple nurple (Not the drink).


Oh shit, they brought back the Rito bird people in TotK. We haven't seen them since Wind Waker! This is nuts!


Roundabouts work, but the ones they build around residential areas are too fucking small. You got about 15 feet between roads to figure out if the vehicle coming around is turning or going past you. It's outrageous!


Drive-Thru places should make a rule that big orders can only be purchased inside. Need to feed like 10 people but the doors are closed? You're fucked! Better luck tomorrow!


How dumb is it I have to watch an ad(s) to watch a trailer on Youtube? I'm being advertised to so that I can be advertised to.


Imagine Dragons? More like Imagine there's a spider in your mouth and the more you try to get it out the deeper it goes and the only way to rid yourself of the arachnid before it lays eggs is to comment on this post.


I have huffed a Sharpie (trademark) to see the truth. I present to you the Regenerator of RE4 Remake!


Once again, I must apologize for previous misinformation. This is the RE4 Remake Regenerator.


I was informed that I was mistaken earlier about what an RE4 Remake Regenerator looked like. Here is the updated model. I apologize for any confusion.


Damn, Regenerators in RE4 Remake looking dope!


Follow up on the Roiland case.


Hopefully this doesn't double post.


So the new Villain for Destiny 2 looks like baby gravy and it is trying to, like, enter the the Traveler that looks like an egg. Is this really the symbolism Bungie is going for? XD


DrDisRespect embraces NFTs, a defining feature in his upcoming video game Deadrop.


If you eat today, thank a farmer. If its on your table, thank a trucker. If its a piece of ass, thank a stripper.


Sorry I haven't been posting hot takes. Here is Asmongold dunking on Ohio victims.



Accept my love or I will defecate on your lawn. Then I will put a copy of The Callisto Protocol on that. Then I will run it over with a lawnmower and spray grass, poop and The Callisto Protocol all over your home.


Am I the only person who watches YouTube ads for the ads? As soon as the video I wanted to watch pops up, I click out so I can watch another ad.


Do not screenshot this and post it in the comments. Thank you.


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