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RIP my PS4 2014 - Today F in chat please


WoW nerds gonna be mad when it turns out Arthas is actually Anduin's dad.


Yea, well, your mom thinks im cute.


Corn Tortillas > flour tortillas. Facts.


If love is in the air, how come Valentines day is represented by the heart and not the lung?


Can't wait for this pandemic to be over so we can go back to coughing on each other.


Excited for all these new PS5 games? Im excited that by 2022 after waiting in que to be put in a raffle, I might get the chance to preorder the new console!


Hey, you pile of maggot jello. You want to get the ladies? Well if you dont flick the bic, she wont flick the dick. That's the way the cookie crumbles.


Breaking News: Halo 6 is being scrapped and replaced with the Master Beef Collection. It's like Halo, but with more at steak.


Playing Fall Guys as Santa. So if you little shits don't let me win, you're going to hell! Or whatever Santa does with bad kids.


They should make a website like Destructoid, but like, for adults. (shots fired)


Pick a Fight Friday: Phil Collins


You want to read a Holiday fanfic. Who and what is in it?


Some people look behind the shower curtains for monsters and murderers before they use the restroom. I don't check at all. I want them to watch.


You might have caught mommy kissing Santa Claus, but when you weren't looking she was doing freaky shit with Krampus.


Confess your sins here, so that you do not incur the wrath of Santa.


What if you squeezed your tit and a fart came out of your nipple, WWJD?


What if your spirit animal was a greedy Seagull?


Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? No, sir, no, sir, someone bought it all and is selling it for twice the price on Ebay.


How many of y'all gonna spend the Holidays with your anime pillows?


Because Star Wars is hot again, Disney would like to announce its own line of chewing tobacco: Chewbaccie. It comes in eight kid-friendly flavors and is available for purchase at truck stops only. Chewbaccie: Swallow, don't spit!


Hey, everyone. We know that money is tight and spirits are low because of Covid-19. So the U.S. government is proud to announce that we will be accepting Butts this next tax season. We'll pull up in one of our discrete vans and take a piece of your butt.


Anyone else expect Trump to pardon himself during this year's White House Turkey Pardoning event? "I pardon this Turkey, and myself, of all crimes committed against this great nation and humanity. God bless America, everybody." 4D Chess.


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