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"But whoever shall deny me a PS5, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." Your move Destructoid.


Destructoid, I was too naive to think you would just give away a PS5. There are so many throwaway accounts here that you'd be wasting your time/money. But I'm the real McCoy, I've been on this site for some time. Let the comments speak of my great deeds!


Idea: Destructoid contest where prize is PS5, but only person who is able to win is me. Is good idea.


Do not comment on this post. It was an accident. Just delete it, and let us forget about my mistake.


Found it on Reddit, needs more views.


Next time Destructoid enters my dream, there's going to be a fine.


Us true Flat Earthers must reject the notion the planet is flat and round like a disc, when it is square like a map. If you think otherwise you're no better than those who think the Earth is like a ball. *scoff*


I was a little disappointed in Taco Bell because Burger King made a better breakfast burrito, but their baja blast colada is pretty rad. I swear they're not paying me to post this.


Warning: Objects in mirror are more object than they appear.


Anyone who says white people food is bland obviously has never tried Corned Beef with boiled cabbage, potatoes and carrots. This shit is spicier than milk!


You just unknowing tried my mystery product. Please write a review in the comments.


"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey came out in 2000. In the film, the Grinch gives a random handful of Whos false jury summons. So the Whos have courts. Do they have prisons? Do they know murder? Is there a case of "Who killed Who?"


This is humorous post. An expression of laughter is required in the comments. This is mandatory. Have a nice day.


Why are they called tapeworms? They don't stick to wrapping paper for crap!


Are you tired of throwing out bad milk? Just mix it with fresh milk! The fresh milk will dilute the sour one!


Can't say I'm entirely upset The Last of Us movie fell through. Not in a "all video game movies are bad" way, but The Last of Us already had a pretty cinematic design. It's a playable film. You'd be making a movie out of a movie.


Alright, I'll regurgitate something I saw on Reddit.


You're about to have major open-heart surgery, and you get to pick one of two surgeons. The first is wearing an EA logo, the second is wearing an Activision logo. Which do you select?


More like CD Projekt Bread, cause you gotta be BAKED to release a game in that condition. Two for two, Projekt is rekt. (I better stop before I'm banned from playing Witcher 4.)


More like CD Projekt Ded. Goteem!


"You're breadmaking." - Keanu Reeves


"The Irish Unification of 2024" Oh shit, Commander Data spitting some predictions.


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