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You are now govenor of the 51st state. You are in charge of naming it. It looks like this. WHAT IS ITS NAME?!


Death Stranding: Now with more Shaken BB Syndrome


When you ask them to toss tree fiddy to their Witcher, but they realize you're a crustacean from the paleolithic era.


The perfect shoe doesn't exi...


Lets see whats in the Reddit trove today.


Entering the Portal Room for the first time.


Late Night Hypothetical: Destructoid is under investigation, what crime did it allegedly commit?


I have 50 oz of untapped Mustard in my home. Why do I have so much? Who even uses more than 10 oz in a lifetime? Monsters, that's who.


Well God Damn, RE2 Remake, finally a flamethrower worth using in a video game.


You can't just let it suffer like that...


Players be dealing with Mr.X like


I guess WebMD publishes a magazine? I was gonna check it out, but I was scared of getting cancer.


When you stop and think about it, Liberty Prime is the very thing it wants to destroy. It's a giant, oppressive war machine. It is a monument to how our country became what it feared. And when we glorify Liberty Prime, we bury that message.


No one makes the connection between Leon and JFK. In RE6 he even headshots the president! Wake up, sheeple!


Scientifically speaking, the only reason you have form is because your insides are scared of your outsides.


"...We have your phone number and your name, so we'll be contacting the police. Thank you!" Good from the start.


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From their unholy union came Beelzebub Swine, known for terrorizing the land until his untimely death at the hands of a jealous barmaid. He was later turned into bacon.

Part of his soul was digested and reincarnated as Ichabod Swine, the great detective and specialist of the occult. He said that all that has happened was part of some prophecy to bring back ancient, evil Gods. No one really cared to listen.

Like, eight generations later, there is me.

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