DeS: The worst losing streak in esports this year: 0-40
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Playing Doomfist is hard, but I'm starting to -<{《([|"grasp"|])》}>- it.


For Waluigi fans bullying Sakurai:


Pokemon Let's Go to the polls! We won't Pikachu placing your ballot, Eevee though we want to.


This old aftershave is alcohol based, so it shouldn't go bad. Still good to drink, right?


You should probably look a gift horse in the mouth. What if it has dental problems that will put you in the hole?


Maybe female Yautja shouldn't have boobs, but that's a world I dont want to live in.


Remember the Grunts from Halo? Be careful who you call ugly in middle school.


Superman has just finished his eighth Big Gulp when he is teleported to an empty dimension. There is nothing around except for a toilet made of kryptonite. His need to tinkle is dire. What do?


Accidentally ordered a McChicken as a "McChunk'n".


In the future there will be no game convention announcements. People will wear VR headsets in their bed-toilet hybrids, and await leaks from Amazon and Wal-Mart.


The Problem of Gamers and Reality

My pappy use to say, "Life is tough everywhere." Ain't that the truth? You clock out of your tiring job, commute home, feed the pets, make dinner, pay bills, so on and so forth. You sit down to relax, turn on the T.V. for background no...


"Gamer relives horror after playing Pokemon Let's Go, finds missing body inside own home." What headlines do you expect to see with the new Pokemon game?


Don't be a winner, be a great loser.


I can't clean this colander because it won't hold water. They should make them without holes!


Sexy Leprechaun use to be my code word for "drive us off cliff" in Halo 2.


I'm the kind of guy who gloats about a participation trophy.


Fan Art Tuesday?: Boiled Eggman


We need more show crossovers so we can get "Two and a Half Bang Theories".


"One Ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all and in the darkness GOTTA GO FAST!"


When you're flying through Azeroth, remember your Gryphon isn't the only thing travelling 100 mph, so is your ale. Fly safe.


Fan Art...Tuesday?: "Let me Axe you a question."


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