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So.... Who wants to watch Christopher Lee singing to Alan Arkin all about alcohol?


So after talking with a regular customer for awhile we somehow got to Space Ghost Coast to Coast. I may have just watched 3 hours of it because I remember loving it. Still do.


It's pretty late where I am right now..... Who wants to dance till dawn???


Two Birthdays today?! Please enjoy your birthday pikachu Inquistive Ravenclaw and Nathan D!


So I quite like to name my characters in Etrian games after people online. So, I will let you guys shape my party in Etrian V! Please leave a comment with your Desired Race and class in the comments and I'll use you guys to conquer that dang tree!!


The new poster for the Netflix Live action Eva movie has totally been leaked guys!!


I just finished watching Legion and I was blown away by the whole show. It has one of my all time favorites scenes in television now too. Sadly it's spoilerly so I will put it in the comments and warn you to not watch it if you ever want to watch Legion.


Oh Dere. I don't have anything good for a birthday!! ....Or do i?????


So question time. I see a lot of talk about Everbody's Golf..... How close is it to the old Camelot Mario golf games? I may jump in depending on how close it is...


Some context. Just watched a bunch of Muppets videos and suddenly this keeps popping up in recommendations. I now must watch the whole show.


I still haven't seen Netflix Death Note but this is a good substitute right?


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