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The time locking and forced solo of PSO2's endgame content has really killed all interest I had in the game. I guess its back to FF14 for me.


PSO2's replacement being announced so soon after the game's release makes the entire game look like a terrible cash grab.


Wow Persona 4 Golden is actually on Steam. I never thought I would see the day.


PSO2 for PC won't even have it's download up for another four hours. It's like they're making every possible mistake for its release.


Sakura Wars (2020) should've just ditched the mecha and gone full Dynasty Warriors with this remake if this was what they were aiming for. Another remake, another letdown.


Final Fantasy 7: Remake Review (PS4, Spoilers)

I'm going to start upfront by saying that I don't like this game. I know people are going to criticize me for it, but this is my opinion of how I feel about this game and Square-Enix's continued failed attempts at an action RPG. Story:...


My Nintendo Switch is starting to experience drift


Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review (Switch, SPOILERS)

Sigh... It is quite hard to believe how hard this franchise has fallen. It started off good, then jumped to portable where it fell hard. It took them 10 years to finally release a proper console sequel that felt not only rushed, but so...


Classic Mode in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake feels really misleading to me. At this rate, I'm not going to see a classic style FF game again in my life time.


Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Review (PC, Switch)

This is only going to focus on the new features that have been added since the original version. So, just a heads up there.  I'm adding the Switch tag because a friend got this game on the Switch and I played through most of the g...


No one seemed to have bothered to test the new Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate stages. Many of the notifications have their colors switched.


Warriors Orochi 4 on Switch is really bad...


So apparently redacted Gamergate related FBI complaints have been released to the public. Some are pretty ridiculous.


Pokemon Sword Review (Switch)

Pokemon Sword is supposed to be the first non-handheld console version of the game despite Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu existing (I haven't played either because I hate Pokemon Go).  EDIT: Online functions finally started working fo...


Pokemon Sword got really lazy with the starters. Cinderace feels like a half assed Fire/Fighting while the rival's Rillaboom is the same for a Grass/Normal.


I really hope the next Fire Emblem game goes back to the days of Awakening and Birthright. The timetable system combined with the monthly cycles in Three Houses really sucked a lot of fun out of the series for me. I can't even bother to finish Maddening


Atelier Ryza having frame rate issues on PC version. It seems like they can never get one of these games to work right on the PC -_-


I feel like games don't understand the point of multiple endings. It's not really multiple endings when there's clearly a best ending.


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