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Borderlands 3 (PC) Review

Borderlands has been one of the most beloved video game franchises over the past decade. The post-apocalyptic loot-shooter really captured the hearts of many with Borderlands 2, but it hasn’t really been topped since. In 2019, G...


Ranking of Saints Row Part 3: Saints Row 4

First, they took over the city. Then, they took over pop culture. Now, it’s a fight for humanity. The Third Street Saints can never seem to catch a break, but at least their struggles are entertaining. You can find the rank itse...


Ranking of Yakuza Part 3: Yakuza Kiwami 2

As I play more of these games, their similarities are becoming harder to distinguish, which isn’t good for a series ranking. Kamurocho, long and wild plots, Kiryu and Majima, surprisingly deep mini-games, one or two large mini-g...


Destroy All Humans! 2020 (PC) Review

Note: Review code provided by Terminals.io and by the developers/publishers. Also, I have no experience with the Destroy All Humans! franchise, so this review is best suited for those who are new to it as well. Are there life forms ou...


Ok, back to teasing upcoming blogs. My next blog will be a review of a game. The theme of this game is in relation to something the Pentagon released earlier this year.


I think it well last time, so I'll hint at my next blog. This one is going to be a doozy, so it's gonna take me a few days to write it. This is the most current release in a large franchise that's only been around for a little over a decade.


I don't use Qtoid enough, so I may start using it to hint at the next blog I'm working on. Either today, tomorrow, or the next, I will be releasing a blog looking back at a disappointing game in a popular franchise.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC) Review

The Star Wars franchise is going through some interesting changes. While its recent films have disappointed many, the franchise has found success in other mediums. Television has been one of those successful mediums with the recent sh...


Here is my pitch: An English dub for the Yakuza series, except Majima has Carl Wheezer's voice and Kiryu's voice is Hugh Neutron (Jimmy Neutron's Dad).


E3 2020: IGN Summer of Gaming

The mess known as E3 2020 still rolls on, though on a more irregular schedule. One of the biggest shows to happen during all of this was IGN’s event, Summer of Gaming. For all of my other E3 2020 blogs, I’ve tried to get i...


E3 2020: EA Play Live

EA has been doing their own event for some time, and every year is pretty much the same: one or two big announcements, a few indie announcements, and a bunch of updates to games already released. This year’s show was the same, e...


Summer In Mara (PC) Review

Note: Review code provided by Terminals and the developers. Games like Moonlighter and Slime Rancher fit into this special category of mixing two genres together. One is more mundane like shopkeeping or ranching, while the other is mo...


E3 2020: Guerrilla Collective

Day three of my E3 coverage is going over Guerrilla Collective, a showcase event by The Mix and Kinda Funny. This three day event operated like many others, going over trailers to new games. Of all the shows so far, this one had the m...


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