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Metal Gear Solid V - A Change in Priorities

After putting around 90 hours into the latest (and presumably last) Metal Gear Solid, I finally reached its conclusion and am now prepared to ramble to you in an article filled with spoilers! You have been warned. As many of you know by no...


Spelunky PC Review

Spelunky hates you. A lot. It isn't a friendly game and it isn't afraid to kill you over, and over again, until you learn the ins and outs... With this punishing platformer making it's way over to PC, I have finally been able to experience...


What's Next For Games Instead of Better Textures?

With the release of the PS4 and Xbox One drawing near, there's a lot of talk about what we want from it and what developers are going to do in order to take advantage of this much needed hardware upgrade. But what can we hope to get out of ...


Rogue Legacy Review

As the name suggests, Rogue Legacy is a 2D roguelike game  in which you fight your way through a procedurally generated castle, playing as many, many different people, all continuing your legacy. These characters each have traits, classes a...


The Last of Us In-Depth Review

The Last of Us is a game that could have been another Uncharted, Naughty Dog could have pumped out a similar game to their previous best, though this time with zombies. However, even with so many easy ways out, The Last of Us never allows i...


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