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Anybody played Moon on Switch? It just released but there's been next to no coverage on it. I'm on the fence. I love Onion Games but I'm worried I would find this one too obtuse.


Just played Valiant Hearts. Such a good experience, and maybe the best educational game I've ever played. I really hope UbiArt Framework makes a comeback someday, this + ChildofLight + Rayman are audiovisual triumphs.




Heads up, 3 days left for that itch.io bundle. Now has Celeste, Pyre, Nuclear Throne, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, Anodyne, Minit, A Short Hike, Sky Rogue, and hundreds of others. For $5. Absolutely bonkers.


Hot take. In the past decade, there was/is a trend to make games challenging, partially as a result of Souls games. But now there's also a countertrend: include easier modes and make games more accessible. I'd argue we've come full circle in a good way.


There are rumours swirling about scrapped Retro Studios projects, including a Zelda spinoff featuring Sheik from around the time of Metroid Prime 3. Check out this concept art. I'm in love.


What are some of your favorite enemy designs?


Mario 3 > Mario World > Mario 2 > Mario 1 > Lost Levels


Thank you to those who have recommended What Remains of Edith Finch to me. Finally played it and enjoyed it! That game has such a weird and unique tone.


New York Times rarely publishes anything about games, and yet they just published a huge feature about Kojima's quirks lol. Great read, link in comments. Crazy how there really is no one else in the industry like that dude. Wonder what's next for him.


Finished YL and the Impossible Lair. I don't think it lives up to the recent Raymans or DKCs, but the combo of mini-Zelda + short levels just works. Great music. Glad I played it! Thank you Chris Bradshaw for recommendation.


Been chipping away at Tearaway Unfolded on PS4 for a while, just finished up. Pacing was wack. Level design alternated between wildly inventive and somewhat boring. I'm so glad I stuck with it though. That final level was phenomenal!


Just started Bloodborne. Played for 2 and 1/2 hrs. I have never played a souls game. Feeling frustrated. Haven’t even found a boss yet. I hate that I have to grind for potions. Game reeks of time sink to get better. Drop-dead gorgeous art though.


I adore when ports of old games have rewinding. It removes the challenge entirely, but wow it is such a great way to experience classics without the time commitment needed to get better. Knocked out NES Ducktales in an hour for 1st time and loved it.


There was a Goosebumps FMV game in the late 90s developed by the studio that would go on to make Medal of Honor. This is a remix of that game. It's rapturous. Happy halloween!


Aladdin SNES/Genesis and Lion King SNES/Genesis coming to PS4, One, and Switch! Hook it to my veins, but please oh please be a solid port.


Reminder that DuckTales Remastered will be gone from digital stores in next 36 hours, starting with the Xbox version at 5 PM PDT today. The front page article will probably be bumped up, putting this here just in case!


How much does the jank get in the way of We Happy Few? I’m absolutely willing to put up with some clunky fights and bugs for that gorgeous art direction, but I have my limits lol.


What's a game that deserves a remake? Not a game you really want remade necessarily, but a game that would benefit a lot from a redo.


Do you have a game that you have never returned to because you are so nostalgic for it that you don't want to risk losing some of that nostalgia?




I'm actually excited for the Square Enix show tonight! Even if they just show more FF7 Remake I'll be happy.


I'm two decades late to the party, but I just finished Metroid Prime for the first time. Great game.


Mechanically, Where Does Kingdom Hearts Go Next?

Over the past two decades, Kingdom Hearts has seen 3 core games, a multitude of spinoff titles, a boatload of remasters, cutscene movies, a mobile game, some of the best music in the medium, and an unfathomable reliance on zippers than...


Just finished Kingdom Hearts 3. Loved it. My new favorite KH. I think this one has the best pacing in the series. Plot is bonkers and lovely. Music is unreal. Flashy fun fights. Two thumbs up from me. More thoughts in comments.


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