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Some stray Nintendo thoughts: 1) Where is my Rhythm Heaven on switch. 2) I want to play Genesis games but I can't decide between buying the collection with the input lag or buying the NSO expansion. 3) new Kirby was great, putting thoughts in comments


Yesterday I discovered this remix of FF7's One-Winged Angel in the style of the Plok boss music. It is absolutely insane. Might be my favorite version of the song.


Ladies and gentlemen we ask that you please rise and remove your hats as we honor kingdom hearts 4 with the playing of the kingdom hearts anthem


One of my favorite Kirby songs


The Fantastic Finales of Kirby Games

[I don't talk about Forgotten Land in here at all, but expect FULL SPOILERS FOR THE FOLLOWING KIRBY GAMES: Super Star, Dream Land 3, 64, Return to Dream Land, Epic Yarn, Triple Deluxe, Planet Robobot and Star Allies.] Kirby games are c...


Are you keeping up with the Commodore? 'Cause the Commodore is keeping up with you.


On today's episode of "Remixes I Find on Youtube that Blow the Originals Out of the Water"...


TIL that Japan got a Peanuts game on SNES called Snoopy Concert. Hip Tanaka, one of the composers behind Earthbound (and a bunch of other Nintendo games), arranged all the music. It's great!


Powering through that backlog! Finally played Mario Sunshine, Castlevania 1/4/Bloodlines, Abzu, Long Return and like 10 hours of Bioshock 1. All were great. CV4 is magical, played through it 3 times.


What's your gaming white whale? So either a game that you keep trying but can't get into, or a game you've never had time to finish? Or maybe just a game you admire from afar?


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I might actually buy a Stadia?!? Controller + chromecast ultra currently on sale for $22. What has the world come to.


Found this today. Youtube can be a gold mine for good remixes.


I've been replaying Dust via the Switch port. I still don't love everything about the game, but man, the combat is such a blast. Incredible music too. I've played a bunch of new metroidvanias since I last played Dust, and I'd still rank it among my favs


The Kingdom Hearts iOS game shut down a few days ago. Anybody else check out the finale? For as much as I love dunking on the story in these games, I admire how ambitious it all is. The music helps.


F-Zero is a fun video game. And Mode 7 on SNES is still cool as shit. That is all.




Playing Mario Sunshine for the first time and loving it. Just did this eel level that has to be one of the most Nintendo-ass boss fights ever. Elaborating in comments.


10 Cool Indies I Played in 2020!

I played so many great games this year. Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, Celeste, Metroid Prime 2, Into the Breach, Horizon Zero Dawn, Short Hike, Bloodborne, Furi… all worth playing, but people online already talk about these games a l...


Bloodborne finally done! Thoughts in comments. Spoilers.


Merry Christmas! Have a great holiday!


Just finished Mummy Demastered. I was late to the party, but holy hell. It was hypnotizing. Feels good, looks great, sounds incredible. One of my favorite games I've played this year. Have a great Halloween, you ghouls.


Cuphead DLC. Either it'll be surprise dropped in next 2 months, or it'll be delayed again. My darling, wherefore art thou.


Rayman has been on my mind after Michel Ancel left the games industry this week. There's something special and heartfelt about the core games. I hope Ubisoft can preserve that if Rayman returns.


Anybody played Moon on Switch? It just released but there's been next to no coverage on it. I'm on the fence. I love Onion Games but I'm worried I would find this one too obtuse.


Just played Valiant Hearts. Such a good experience, and maybe the best educational game I've ever played. I really hope UbiArt Framework makes a comeback someday, this + ChildofLight + Rayman are audiovisual triumphs.


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