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I was a little lower energy than I wanted to be but between my head pounding and a surprise allergy attack I didn't feel like speaking much. Also someone had just pissed me off about 20 minutes in and I was holding my tongue. A lot.


Just finished Dead Island. Took way too long to finish but that's now the game's fault; that was entirely on me. Great game. Stressful in spots but a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I'll be streaming it.


Do you have a question for me? Want to know who I am and why the hell you should listen to me? Ask it and I'll answer it in a a future video or during a live stream on mixer!


Heroes of Baldur's Gate Unite!


Wherein I ramble.


Classic Review: Beyond Good & Evil

This one is gonna garner me some hate mail... Beyond Good & Evil starts with the world of Hyllis under attack from the DomZ. They capitalize it that way, not me. The brave Alpha Sections (??) are trying to defend the world against ...


As long as the universe doesn't dump on me Five Dollar Friday this week will be a do-over of the Baldur's Gate stream.


I am having a game dilemma. I am going to get Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I don't know if I want to grab the digital download and get it tomorrow or wait a week and get the steelbook cause I am old and still dig physical media.


The Coronation of Aragorn Lord of the Rings Online


Bonus Classic(ish) Review: Batman Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight! Well, I'm not 100% finished it (more on that later when I bitch about the Riddler) but I've completed the story and all but one of the infamous "Gotham's Most Wanted". I'm going right to story here. What a HUGE improveme...


Classic Review: Batman Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City: Another outing for the Dark Knight opens with Bruce Wayne being arrested and put in Gotham's new experimental prision, "Arkham City." His accuser: Prof. Hugo Strange who is working with a mysterious outside agent a...


Come check out 1988's Pool of Radiance on Chad's Five Dollar Friday!


Dipping well into 1990something tonight for Five Dollar Fridat @ 8:30 PM EDT. The game that started a gaming revolution: Forgotten Realms Pool of RadiancE HTTPS://mixer.com/aurachad74


So this was neat. I may make it a Five Dollar Friday.


I never liked linear skill set progression. It makes the character generic. It is much better to be able to tailor the skills to your play style. LOTRO used to be the king of this but they screwed the pooch. Now the king is the original Guild Wars tie


Five Dollar Friday tonight short notice edition. 8:30 EDT Https://mixer.com/aurachad74


Couldn't watch Five Dollar Friday last week? Never fear, it can be watched on replay: http://Mixer.com/aurachad74


And what does this mean for LOTRO? https://mmoculture.com/2018/09/the-lord-of-the-rings-new-free-to-play-mmorpg-based-on-beloved-ip-announced/


I learned two things about Demon Stone last night. The first is it is a lot of fun. The second is in spots it is pretty unforgiving.


Just 24 hours until my next Five Dollar Friday! https://mixer.com/aurachad74 Tomorrow night's broadcast will be Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Demon Stone!


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