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Gamer Girl Spotlight: PikaChulita

Twitch partner Katie Robinson, who streams games as PikaChulita, is a vocal Womanist and advocate for diversity in gaming. She’s a Black Girl Gamers team member, and has been quoted and interviewed for sites like The Verge and Gayming...


In the world of game mods, bimbos reign supreme

For the past few years, aided by the glamorous memory of Paris Hilton’s miniskirts and a reassessment of sex work by internet people who realized that money is cool, the word “bimbo” has flipped from meaning “brainle...


Pop open an incognito tab, NSFW games have never been better

Ever since the first pixely penises flopped onto Atari screens in the early 1980s, erotic video games have earned a mainstream reputation of being heteronormative and, well, bad. A lot of erotic video games came from small software companie...


Is Discord always safe for women?

Discord, the voice chat and messaging service marketed towards gamers, can be an unkind place to women. But so can many online gaming spaces — according to a 2018 study published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addic...


The best streamers have big boobies

Boobs. Boobs! Our first source of peace in this cruel, cruel world and great on a poster or perhaps even a commemorative mug, we all know and love boobs. Well, except for when people who have them take ownership of their bodies, of course. ...


Hi Destructoid, I'm Ashley

Hi Destructoid, it's nice to meet you! I'm Ashley, and I'll be helming a new column focusing on women and games here on the site.  I've been working as a full-time freelance writer for the past year, and before that, I was studying bra...


Hi, people of Destructoid! I'm a new writer for the site, and I'm very looking forward to hearing more from you all soon :~) In the meantime, feel free to follow me on my newly-wiped Twitter @ashleybardhan


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Ashley Bardhan is a writer from New York who covers culture, sex, and other things people like. Her journalism can be found in Pitchfork, Mel Magazine, and Bitch, among other places. She thinks about Bloodborne a lot. https://msha.ke/ashleybardhan/