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Saw Dune yesterday and it made me love the new board game adaptation even more.


Noita is my kind of tedious and I'm loving it. It reminds me of the sandbox flash games from my teen years, except I can die horrible funny deaths. I just went from full health to dead because I mixed potions on the ground and they blew up. LOVE IT!


Got to play Dune Imperium with Bass and Frosty today. What an absolute blast of a game it is and I'm still riding the high of politicking to a victory. A perfect lead-in to the movie coming out this week.


Katamari Damacy is the perfect "head empty no thoughts" game to rewind with after getting off work. I am nothing, I am no one, I simply want to roll and vibe to J-pop. I do hope that We <3 Katamari comes to PC someday though.


Mike, I say it often but you're an integral part in all of our experiences here and this site wouldn't be the same without you. Happy birthday and thanks for being unabashedly you.


I am the peak of food based comedy. Gallagher can go straight to hell.


It's about as far from spooky as you could get but my favorite documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi is free with ads on YouTube. It's made by the same team that ended up doing Netflix's Chefs Table and is a wonderful look at a master at work.


Just got all but one volume of Preacher for 55 bucks at a local used book store. I am ecstatic. Been wanting to get them for a while but was always leery of the price. Now to hopefully get this lucky when finding Transmetropolitan.


Took a break between Replicant Route B and C to replay a slightly less depressing game, Hyper Light Drifter. The art and mood this game exudes still resonates perfectly even 5 years later. I need to get back to these types of smaller scope games.


Happy birthday to GameManiac, one of the best people I've gotten to know in my time here. Hope it was a good day bud.


Continued digging into the Criterion Channels NYC feature tonight with the weird as hell "God Told Me To." There's something so wonderful about how realistically all these 70's horror films presented themselves, despite a ludicrous plot. Love it!


[Screams externally, internally, and eternally]


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