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Three wins in five Tetris 99 games, including a back-to-back win. Picture related.


Soup is quite honestly one of my favorite meals to make. There's the potential for such a depth of flavor and it's such a comforting meal that I get giddy as the cool season approaches as it means I can make more soups. #TeamSoup


I haven't screamed in a triumph of victory like this since I beat FTL for the first time.


I didn't know how much I could love something until I played Tetris 99. Oh my god, I'm in heaven.


I have returned to the world of Rocket League. Video related to me after I got that first goal horn coming back.


Return of the Obra Dinn is one of those games that makes me remember why I play them. It's unique, beautiful, uses the medium to its advantage. Bless the indie PC scene, they give me hope.


Was talking with Malthor today about how sad I was that this never made it to fruition. It seemed like a military fiction game that would have actually had some teeth. What's worse? It was cancelled to make Rainbow 6 Siege. I can legally blame Soulbow?


Next European Splatfest asks which starchy breakfast is best

The Splatfests have been pretty hit or miss but always interesting to see what opinion players have on little inane questions. It's a nice break from the overly serious debates that exist out in the world of politics and day-to-day life. I ...


Alright I mentioned this in the QP yesterday about game trailers but I've been itching to play some L4D2 on PC and wanna organize something for this Friday night, some would call it a fight. Bumping for some more interest.


Little PSA, Smash Ultimate version 2.0 is rumored to go live tonight so make sure to convert any replays you want to save over to video.


With Kingdom Hearts III coming out after so long, we wanna know what has changed in your life since March of 2006. Post your responses in this QP and we'll publish some of them on the front page! [Bump for the weekend]


Review: Jon Shafer's At the Gates

It seems that once you are done being one of the high-ranking developers of a Civilization game, you suddenly feel the need to take that experience and set off on your own journey to create something new and exciting for the strategy genre....


Happy Saturday, human consciousness was a mistake.


I don't think I can put how much I vehemently hate Cloud in Smash Ultimate into words.


You're invited to join the Stormdivers open beta this weekend

The term "battle royale" comes with a lot of gnashing of teeth from many members of the gaming community. For good measure, as a lot of what we've seen so far has been corporations playing catch-up, with attempts to monetize every aspect of...


I literally got Camilla on the spirit board once all weekend for the Smash Bros. Fire Emblem event and got her circle down to almost nothing and she never showed up again. Is this what gacha pain feels like?


What is mid January when the stars align to create great community managers or something? Happy birthday Panda! May the winds guide your ships to the best lands to conquer.


Pokemon developer announces console port of Giga Wrecker

I never like it when developers get pigeonholed into doing only one series their entire life before dropping out of popularity, so I'll always champion when developers try something new. On that note, did anyone remember that the developer...


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