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11 new games added to GOG Connect

Good Old Games is one of the better consumer-friendly digital marketplaces because it provides you with DRM-free games and usually has some goodies thrown in for older games. Over the past year and a half, GOG has been allowing you to conne...


I forgot I made this, I don't use it enough, so I'm spreading it for your use.


The Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics are tonight and I always like to revisit this bit around this time every 4 years. I still miss Robin Williams comedic presence but this entire show is still funny to me even 17 years later.


I am a man of my word. No more Kemono Friends from me. Fly. Eagles. Fly.


I swear on my life, I will never post Kemono Friends ever again if the Eagles win the Superb Owl tonight.


I have commenced the nervous rocking back and forth. Please do not get blown out tomorrow night Eagles? Please?

 from  flixist

Review: Before We Vanish

If you were to ask me years ago what I thought about modern day science fiction movies I could have gone on at length about how the genre that once made us look in on ourselves and think about who we are as a person had given up on telling ...


Review: Nantucket

A few months back I read a book about whaling in the 19th century called The North Water. It was dark, grisly, and at times made it hard to continue because of its graphic imagery. I also couldn't put it down so after it was finished I was ...

 from  flixist

Anthony Marzano's Top 10 Films of 2017

[Ed. Note: We do awards a bit different at Flixist. Most of our writers do not get early screenings or award screeners of movies, which means it isn't easy to see some of the films that only get limited releases in December for many of u...

 from  flixist

The 38th Razzie nominations have been announced

Awards season continues this week with the nominations for the 38th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards. Contrary to every other award show of the year, seeing your name on the list isn't particularly gratifying. The Razzies have come to repr...

 from  flixist

A documentary about Mr. Rogers is coming just when we need it

I think it's fair for me to say that the world is filled with vitriol and animosity right now. Everywhere you look there are people angry about everything, politics, celebrities, social media, video games, a well made but somewhat flawed se...


I just want everyone to know that I do put pineapple on pizza and that makes me a better person than some other staff members.

 from  flixist

Super Troopers 2 gets a new red band trailer

The original Super Troopers remains one of my favorite comedies of all time. It strikes a perfect chord of raunchy, slapstick, and joke-driven comedy that still makes me laugh until I hurt even after watching it multiple times over the year...


Happy anniversary for the glorious escape from the womb to Wes Tacos. He's the man with the taco touch! He also does so much for Dtoid behind the scenes that helps make this community the best in gaming. So tacos up for one of our best community managers!


I have found the perfect way to describe my relationship with Nuclear Throne and the 3+ days of playtime I've put into it.


Computer crashed while writing recap, son of a bitch. Might be post-dated tomorrow morning because I'm rather mad about losing my work. Have Spongebob in the meantime.


The folks from Welcome to Night Vale have been putting out a podcast where they interview my favorite musician about one of his old albums, needless to say it's like heaven for me. They also include covers of the song they discuss, this one gave me chills


Shigesato Itoi interview comic explores the origins of MOTHER

Shigesato Itoi is not what you would call a video game superstar. He broke into the game industry as a copywriter with a question: "What RPG would Steven Spielberg create?" From that question, coupled with his perseverance to bring his visi...


Something about birds and the finality of death really makes for a great combination in my warped mind.


Praise be to NakedBigBoss on this the anniversary of their glorious escape from womb. They did it all with weapons procured on site.

 from  flixist

Steven Spielberg's Halo TV show still in development

It's been almost five years since we've heard anything about the Steven Spielberg-helmed Halo live-action TV series, and if you think you're gonna get a release window well then you best HALO jump out of a spaceship because there is nothing...


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