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Happy belated to Gus, the soldier who I run through fields with telling him every thirty seconds "still don't have ammo." And to AbsolutFreak, who has been a staple of this community longer than some of you have been alive. Hope y'all enjoyed your days!


Finally remembered to rent Doomsday Clock from the library. It's just as trash as I thought it would be. Someone needs to take away Geoff Johns computer.


Just finished this and it threw me right back into my love affair with Ed Brubaker. It's a quick read and absolute pulp, but I loved it for blending 1930's NYC with a western story.


Might have gone a tad overboard on the biking this week.


Happy birthday to you Occams. Every day you're an inspiration as to how I can be a better person. On top of being the embodiment of kindness you're also unabashedly you. If that isn't something we should all aspire to be then I don't know what is.


Felt the urge to give EYE another try before Replicant comes out later this week. Can't believe I'm back here again...and how much everything makes sense if you simply watch the tutorial videos and read a few lore dumps.


Only took me 2 years and 7 months to beat but I completed Yakuza 0, my first in the series. Did not expect such a mix of emotions from the game. Consider me a convert!


Today I ate lunch with a view of where Ed Gein died. Not bad for a day off.


Smoke from Rainbow Six Siege turned himself into a pickle

Recently I've been lamenting that Rainbow Six: Siege was a turning point in the way it presents itself. Gone are the days of being married to the stuffy spec-ops tactical gruffness aesthetic, and here to stay was a new age of goofy costume...


Today was a good day, finally got to play Versailles 1919. It was only after I started playing that I realized how stupid I am to play a political board game against my gf who literally got her degree in political science. I'm a moron. Had fun though.


It's a real 180 no scope spin to go from the hellscape community that inhabits Siege into the welcoming and helpful Hell Let Loose community. Had a nice conversation with some guy while sharing a pillbox with him and shooting Nazis who crossed our paths.


Bless this game, it's such a joy to play and experience.


A merry Jacket-sets-terrible-things-in-motion Day to you all!


Frosty sent this to me after we played some Hell Let Loose this weekend and I love it. It rivals the DPRK military parade redubbed with Spongebob Music as near perfect for my comedic sentiments.


Sunk my teeth into a little bit of Hell Let Loose tonight. It has some issues but I'm enjoying the communities commitment to realism. Though it is funny to hear "On your feet Drunken Nixon Style, move up!"


This is the kinda Thursday feeling I can get behind.


Happy birthday Lily, this community wouldn't be the same without the devotion and care that you have put into it over the years. May no one ever challenge your throne as Queen.


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