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I just tried to play Siege at 7:00 AM and it's most definitely not a game to play just after waking up. You folks got any day off or Saturday morning games that you enjoy before you're fully awake?


I'm not crying over the end of Hannibal, you are!


I'm that loser who wears hiking shoes everywhere. Say what you will about my lack of style but damn if my feet aren't comfortable all the time, plus they are very water resistant. #shoetoid


Mike Martin shared this in communicord and it's is perfectly made for me.


Hope y'all have had a good weekend and a good week ahead. You have to remember to find F. U. N. where you can.


Review: Superhot: Mind Control Delete

As I continue to get older and somewhat jaded with video gaming, I'm finding myself getting bored with run-of-the-mill games that don't use the medium to its full advantage. Conversely, I find myself lavishing praise on the ones that do. Re...


I have discovered this gem of an album and my week is immensely better because of it.


My brain is broken. I can't stop laughing at this.


You're thinking about how much you want to SUPERHOT, aren't you?


Superhot: Mind Control Delete is scratching every itch that I didn't realize I had since finishing the original.


This some good vibes for a Saturday morning during a pandemic.


Win money by playing Tetris mobile in a new nightly game show

You like Tetris right? How about money? We can always have more of that, so what if I told you that you could win money just by playing Tetris against other people? Today N3TWORK has announced that there will be a daily game show taking pla...


There's a Xenoblade event in Tetris 99 this weekend

Nintendo hasn't tried to hide the fact that it is using its quasi-free-to-play battle royale Tetris 99 as a glorified advertising vessel. Every time a first-party Nintendo game comes out, it's almost guaranteed that it will get a theme and...


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