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Me and also me this morning in Tetris 99 achieving something I never thought I would.


Three of these are up for grabs. Bonus points if you are cool and take Exa Punks. Edit: All have been claimed. Cloudman is the cool one because they took Exa Punks.


I denounce you all. The world will know of your Shou crimes and misdeeds.


I'm mad I've let Dicey Dungeons sit in my Steam library for as long as I have. Got a boppin' soundtrack and that really great design where you can break the game but still face a challenge. Love it!


After 15 years of hard work, Black Mesa is finally out

Friends, Romans, countrymen, I never thought I'd live to see the day. The day when what started as a small fan project to update the classic shooter Half-Life into the (at-the-time) revolutionary Source engine would actually come to fruiti...


Has anyone in the history of time ever left a buffet not feeling like they made a bad life choice?


As someone who didn't particularly like VII, that VIIR demo was something special. I'm still not going to be getting it as I don't particularly have time for another RPG but I'm glad it seems like they got things right for the fans of the game.


Because I'm nothing if not a loser, have the War Flag of the Republic of Uzbeckystan that I created as a joke for fellow flag nerds.


I have plunged deeper into becoming a living meme. I do not seek forgiveness, only a good radio stream and the European countryside.


As is tradition on this stupid corpo "holiday."


I want to thank Dan for reminding me that the internet peaked last year.


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